Unsullied Retribution - Explanation


The three victims in the story represent the three basic weaknesses of a man.

The first one – the old man – when tries to help the killer (who identifies himself as M) is not sure of his knowledge about the right path. The uncertain old man here represents “Self-doubt”.

The second one – the pretty girl in the car - underestimates the killer (who identifies himself as A) and tells him outright that he can’t reach his destination. Here, she represents “self-condemnation”.

The last one – the burly man at the graveyard – tries to scare away the killer (who identifies himself as N). He represents the deadliest weakness of a man – “Fear”.

The letters that the killer gives as his name; when added becomes MAN – representing every person in this world, irrespective of gender, race, culture, etc.

In the story, his journey becomes easier with each killing, and his surrounding, which is quite difficult to interpret in the beginning, becomes easier to understand upon killing the people (weaknesses).

A man can attain his true freedom only when he first realizes his weaknesses, and then kills them. This is what is shown in the last paragraph, when the protagonist, before switching off the light catches a glimpse of the book “Freedom at midnight”. Freedom at midnight it is (freedom at last); he says to himself, before drifting of to a peaceful sleep.

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It was just a story. Now it has depth :)

I am supefied and amazed :)

Wonderful concept...i wonder from where you get such stories... awesome..
but i think you need to define the weakness i.e., of MAN more clearly so that one doesnt need to read the second post...
I got that you were talking of MAN but i could not label them as self doubt etc....
but might be just my thinking...
but i loved the story...
i think you should add it to your final collection...!

Creative and how! :)

Karthik, this story has left me speechless. What superb story telling! And even until the end I never imagined this story had a lesson behind the gory murders. The alphabets he gave as his name had intrigued me and I did put them together as MAN but it never occured to me that the three victims had a significance too.
Your story has the necessary "AAh!" effect at the end.
A masterpiece!!

Destiny's child,
Thenks thenks. :D


Maybe because I have a restless mind. :P
Well, about not being too obvious about the story. I didn't even intend to give an explanation to the story. Thought of writing it at a later stage. Sometimes (not always) it's best to leave something hanging in the air, rather than say it aloud and spoil the fun.

Thank you. :)

Thank you so much, Vibz. Your words are always encouraging. :)

Destiny's child, Srini, Tanmaya, Raksha, Vibz,
Sorry for replying late. Been a bit busy.

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