I’ve finally taken up a tag – a task I consider tedious, boring, and at the same time, quite difficult. But I’ve always enjoyed others’ tags. *winks*

Guria is a prolific writer, whose write-ups, especially stories, have often influenced me. When it comes to story telling I firmly believe that most of the times, “how” you tell is more important than “what” it is about. And she demonstrates this every time she writes a story, with her brilliant narrative skills. One of the very few people in blogosphere who sticks to the golden rule of story telling: “Show. Don’t tell”. Mind you, it’s not easy. But she does it with finesse, and makes it look so easy.

When she tagged me recently, my first reaction was, “Heck, no!” But when some curses were thrown in, I decided to give it a go.

Well, this is all about letting you know my seven “deadly” secrets (if at all they are considered secrets). I’m an open book, darlings, and that makes this all the more difficult. Either ways, read on.

1. Unsuccessfully learnt Classical music (Carnatic flute) for seven years. Music, I believe, is the MOST difficult art among all arts, and I couldn’t get a grip on it. Though I’ve discontinued now, and don’t play my flute anymore, I still enjoy listening to classical music, and don’t usually miss important concerts. On the contrary, I enjoy many other forms of music, which includes rap too. Thus, most of my mornings begin with Eminem. Some time later it’s switched to Classical (either Carnatic or Hindustani), followed by Loreena McKennitt (my latest obsession) or some Hindi or Kannada film songs. Also have an eclectic collection of OSTs of Hollywood movies. Classical to Rap to OSTs, you are wondering and rolling eyes? Well, that’s I. Can’t help it. Bottom line: When it comes to music, it’s a mixed bag.

2. A bit short-tempered, and quite impulsive by nature. But my impulsive nature is limited to things like picking up my phone and calling a friend out of the blue, irrespective of time; planning to go to a movie or a restaurant or on a short trip, etc. A few hooligan friends do like this nature of mine, but some “disciplined” ones get really irritated.

3. Got aaaalmost slapped by a girl recently. The innocent me was innocently having cane juice in a cane juice parlour, and a dental/medical babe came and stood beside me, and ordered her drink. I somehow felt that I’d seen her somewhere. So instead of asking her directly, I tried to read the name written on her nameplate (she was wearing an apron). It was written in some bloody, unreadable font (I wonder what’s with girls and fonts) and was taking considerable amount of time to catch a glimpse of it. When I was done and looked up, grinning from ear to ear, she was staring at me as if she were going to kill me. Well, needless to say, she was wearing her nameplate where it’s supposed to be worn, and misunderstood me. What happened next? Yeah, you guessed it right. I "escape"d, and participated in Blog-a-ton 10.

Now that the questions of escaping and girls have come up, lemme tell you one more thing; when I was in school, I was once chased by a girl all over the campus, along with her stupid and silly friends – to tie me rakhi. I had then tried to “escape” and hidden myself in kindergarten. Her rakhi never touched my hand of course. She later agreed that it was vaaaaary silly and stupid of her. (And I’m sure the girl in question is laughing her guts out now) ;)

4. An extrovert. Always need a few extra words to make my point. (You might have already realized this after reading my “short” stories) But what you might not know is that I am a very good listener too. And if the person is narrating an incident or a story, I totally become dumb; as I don’t want to break his/her flow (who knows, there might be a short story hidden, waiting for me to pen). :D

5. I don’t associate masculinity with silly attributes like colour, not crying, being crazy about bikes, not liking love stories, etc. I believe it’s all in the head, and also the so-called media morons and some immature dudes and chicks with additude (not attitude) are responsible for making people believe in this mumbo-jumbo. Masculinity for me is all about acceptance - accepting your true self without worrying about what others might think about you.

6. Not crazy about cell-phones. Any model with basic functions will do perfectly OK. Now that it has come to the subject of phones; I really feel bad when I don’t get a reply for my message or phone call (when not picked up). It’s courtesy to acknowledge (at least later when one becomes free), and it’s very important to me.

7. The above also is associated with blogging too. I really hate it when my comments (on others’ blogs) are not acknowledged. I believe being read itself is a huge compliment, let alone comments, which should be respected and replied. Again, courtesy is the word.

Now, all those who are commenting are tagged. After all why should only I be the sufferer?!

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this is your first ever (and last????) personal post that I am reading..nice confessions..I loved your answer about masculinity..so very true..same thing goes with femininity too..good listener - that i know ;)

I love your long stories..I am too busy these days, so most of your posts are read on my phone when I am travelling..

nice to see you taking a tag finally :)

WoW, so you have finally done a tag, after resolutely not accepting it so far...

1. Never knew you 'learned' flute for 'SEVEN' yrs! gosh... that in itself is a great achievement.. kudos :)

2. short-tempered? :-o not that one shouldn't be, but somehow you conjure up as a jovial guy to me :D

3. hahahahahha

4. now, thats what we all like abt u ain't it? :P

5. excellent point :) completely agree :)

6. hi-5 :) but I do like to have music+camera features ;)

7. i feel a touch sad always when i know many have read my post but did not comment :(

PS: I 'almost' done the tag here :P

Wow!! Wow!! They are not sins.. Seems to be a genuine sweet person.

I just loved your take on acknowledging. I think the same, be it comments or phone calls.

And your take on masculinity...applause...applause.

And you have taken up a tag!! Hope to read more about you.

And let me make a confession. I only half-read your stories as I cannot read stories on laptop. I need to read stories from books, feeling the book and turning pages. Else I lose mid way!!

Sorry about it but thats my limitation

Hugs for (5), "me too" for (6) and "I take a bow" for (7). I like the tag Karthik but these were the takeaways for me.

Didn't we talk about (5)? I am glad you feel the way you do because a lot of the time I think the whole masculinity jazz is over-trumpeted not (only) by media or women, but guys who believe that a bit of aggro and some punch dialogues make a man :D. Hardly, and boy haven't I realised that? :) I also read somewhere that a girl turns a woman almost in a moment after a series of significant happenings, but man-making, to use a term, is a work in progress, for a lifetime. Not sure how far others would agree, but having seen my share of (im)mature men and women, I tend to agree :)

I am the same with cell phones, although I am in love with one particular model whose name too I don't know! o-O I know! :D That's just the typical *ABSENT-MINDED* (boldface and all. lol) Srini.

As for (7), some people think we are doing ourselves a favour by commenting on their blogs. Such half-witted sense of self-approbation - which is actually a big joke - is something I find completely annoying. But there are others who just do not have the time. I know both cases.

(4) - it is ok. We belong to the same club. :D But in my case, I need to have dual membership - one for my non-academic writings and one for academic ones. :P

(3) I am sorry dude, it is okay. As for the rakhi thing "rotfl". I have always respected fraternal bonds, but I think it should be mutual. rakshabandhan is a beautiful festival but it is often used as a 'fence' if you know what I mean! :)

(2) - surprised!

(1) - all that one needs for aesthetic appreciation is an open

Enjoyed the tag. May be will do it! :D

Wow this post truly offers us an insight into the real Karthik. :P
I am not too attached with my cell phone, myself. I think I even blogged about cellphone addiction.
And yes comments must be replied to. But sometimes even I fail at keeping up with each and every one of them.

It was nice knowing your seven deadly secrets ;)
And glad that you narrowly escaped the pitaai session! Love your definition of masculinity by the way. Some guys just overdo the whole 'main asli mard hoon' thingy :p

Okay, interesting seven! Music-thingy I really didn't know about you... maybe I'll share some of the music I like with you, you might be able to appreciate. The other few points in between I understood about you (chalk it up to the "few" attributes I have!) And the last, I am one of the guilty parties, don't always end up replying, as I have too much fun to keep it short but I do adcknowledge them personally as much as possible! And this stupid comment format doesn't help either! :P :D

And I have done my best to ignore (on commenting about) a certain para, as I don't know what to say, with people who are really friends, I get even more embarrased and unsure. So I am leaving a small "Thanks" only, hoping you'll understand.

Publish this comment only if you want to... :)

It was nice to read a tag on ur blog..go to know some different things about you..About ur first point..u r really a mixed bag of music...so much of variety yaar...from classical to Eminem..!!

The rakhi episode u wrote abt was really humorous....n that tooo in school... :D :D :)

Now that I have read it..n commented..I suppose I am tagged..so I'll take it up sometime surely...but to reveal my secrets on blog would mean that they would no longer be secrets...so I'm thinking....!! ;)

TC :)

Yeah, I too am not particular with mobile phones. Any basic cellphone with that green button for calling, and numberpad and red button will do.

I used to think listening to classical music is a not-so-cool-yesterday's-thing(oh!I am a hip-hop girl attitude).......but recently my dad dragged me to a classical concert and I fell in love with the soulful music

Rightly said, music is a mixed bag

your 1st personal post and hopefully not the last.

Firstly, Amen to the masculinity point.

Secondly, you never commented on my blog to be acknowledged.

Thirdly, I learnt carnatic music for 8 months and when i thought i was understanding something my sir went through an operation and couldnt teach anymore :P.

Fourthly, i like this post :) :).

You should write personal posts more often! ;)
Ditto case here for point 1! Learnt carnatic for 7 years. And now, I love ALL kinds of music. Literally, from Rock to alternate rock, to jazz to carnatic classical, hindustani at times, hindi old music. You name it! Love going to concerts! Lol on the slap bit! :D
I also agree on the comments part - hate it when people don't reply to my comments! :D

I might take another one. That gender stereotypes thingy. It's really interesting (and maybe a challenge too) :D

I know you are busy. I understand. But really good to know you catch up with my posts somehow. :)
Thanks. ;)

Yeah, man. Finally did it. :)
I AM a jovial person, but sometimes, I set off to make HULK proud. :P

Smart fellow, you are. You almost did the tag here! But still I want to read it in your space. Give it a try sometime. As I said earlier, after all, why should only I be the sufferer? :D

Genuine sweet person! :D Thank you so much. You made my day. :)

Glad to know you agree with me on some points.

No issues on not able to read my lengthy stories on comp. In fact I belong to the same category. It's kinda uncomfortable reading it on screen. I prefer hard copies too.
But when it comes to writing and posting my own, it's just writing practice for me. So I just post it without trimming. ;)

Yo! I knew you'd agree. We talked about most of these things at length the other day, didn't we? ;)

I agree that girls mature faster than boys, and also sometimes they have better common sense than we. Then again, haven't you heard? "Beauty of a young woman is an accident of nature; but the beauty of an old woman is a work of art."
So I think it's a continuous process for both.
I was even called immature by a person who means a lot to me. Maybe the definition of "maturity" varies from person to person. But ultimately, what WE think of ourselves is more important, right?

You are in love with one particular "model"? Whoa, Srini, what's her name? :D :D

I totally agree with you. Some people do think that they are doing a favour by commenting. I once received a comment within just two minutes of publishing my story. Mind you, it was a 6000-something word story. How cool is that?!

That rakhi thing is quite a story in itself. I shall write about it sometime (after taking the permission of course). :D

Glad you enjoyed reading my "secrets". But they are not secrets anymore, are they? :P

And Srini, DO this tag. :))

Insight into real me? Lol... :D
I think I've read about your take on mobile phones. Maybe in some tag. ;)
And DO try and reply to all your comments. It's certainly a good habit.

Destiny's child,
They are not secrets anymore, Veena. Are they now? :D
And oh, yes. I narrowly escaped the pitaai session, and how!

That asli mard thingy is so stupid, isn't it? Mard is always asli. If he's not asli, then he's not mard at all in the first place. So why yell about being asli and all? Such morons really. :P
Good to know you agree. :)

Aha! Look who's here. I was waiting for you. After all you are that noble soul who tagged me. :))

Would love to know your taste in music. Do tell me.
A few attributes you have too? Yo! Vaaary interesting. What are they? Temme, temme. :)

One of the guilty parties? I agree. :P

And about the "certain" para; I do understand how you feel. We have already talked about it, haven't we? ;)
Same is the case with me, you see. :P
Thanks to you, for tagging me. I really enjoyed doing it. Will take up that gender thingy sometime. It's interesting really. :)

A mixed bag when it comes to music! Tell me about it. :D

You still don't know about that rakhi thing. Wait till I write about it sometime. :)

Yeah, yeah, do this tag. Would love to know. :)

You are not particular about cell-phones too? Pretty unlikely for a girl, I should say. :D

Trust me, classical music IS cool. I'm not surprised that you fell in love with it. ;)

Yeah, hopefully it's not the last. ;)

I am the guilty one here, aren't I? Sorry about that. Don't usually miss reading interesting blogs by interesting people. Dunno how it happened. Will dig up your archive soon. :)

Sad to know about your music class being shelved. But I think if you are really interested you'll find another teacher soon.
Good luck!

High five, high five, high five! :)
You learnt it for seven years? Discontinued now? Areyy..!
You are laughing on the "almost slapped" thing? That encounter was really not funny, I'll tell you that. :(
Glad you agree on the comments part. :)

Genuine replies. So the story teller tried to weave music too. Let'see music+masculinity+courteousness+Uncrazy about mobiles = not a bad specimen, interesting mix

The Holy Lama,
Lol.. :D Was that a compliment?
Well, I'll take it as one. :)

:)) additude.. hehehhehe

I know you are a good listener; else how could you survive while talking to me over the phone :P

but short tempered-aa? thats something new. whats your threshold like :D

nicely done tag :)

Yeah, yeah, I must have slept off while talking to you. :D

And about being short tempered; don't know about threshold, but I do have my "Hulk" moments. :)

Straight to the point and well written! Why can’t everyone else be like this?

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