My Birthday Present

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I celebrated my birthday on April 24th. Like every year the celebration started at twelve o’clock in the night when my best friend called me. Then I went to sleep with her sweet wishes still ringing in my ears. And I woke up to my parents’ wishing in the morning. It was a nice beginning.

I’ve been keeping myself away from the internet world for some time now, let alone blogger or facebook or any other social networking sites. But since it was my birthday, I was expecting some wishes in the mailbox. With a mug of hot birthday coffee, I logged into my gmail account. Guria had already surprised me the previous day by remembering my b’day. Don’t really know how she knew, because as far as I remember I’d edited my facebook profile a long time back, for the reasons unknown to myself. Either ways, it was very sweet of her. So with a surprise already in my pocket, I wasn’t expecting any other surprises. But how wrong I was.

I was just about to get the biggest birthday surprise, in a long time. One of the most prolific bloggers, a person with an amazing sense of humour, Saurabh, had written an entire post for me. And mind you, I’m not saying all these things about him because he wished me on his blog. Anyone who reads his blog will know these things about him for sure.

Dedicating a post to somebody is something, but writing an entire post about someone, for his birthday, is an entirely different thing. I was immensely happy.

You know, going to Archies gallery and buying a present is easy, and also sometimes it looks so formal and fake, but when you gift somebody your words, your thoughts, your time – that’s very precious. And that’s what Saurabh gave me. His time.

Trust me when I say this. I have done it, and I know what it takes to write for somebody. You invest your time and thoughts, you ‘think’ about that person when you do it, and when those thoughts manifest on paper or screen, it’s a beautiful manuscript in itself. ‘Words’ are all I have, and I know their importance. I know the importance of that lovely present he gave me. I was truly humbled and touched.

Once again, thanks a lot, Saurabh. You are one of the main reasons why it’s one of the most wonderful birthdays I’ve ever had.


And dude, I know you are already laughing, for this post is becoming lengthier than your post. Can’t help it, man. I’m incorrigible when it comes to the length of my posts. Or should I say, ‘perfection can’t be improved’? Either ways, I’ve proved you right again, haven’t I?

The rest of you, do read the post he’s written for me, for my birthday, about me. I myself didn’t know so many things about me. I was amazed to know them.

It’s touching, it’s funny, it’s informative, it’s lovely, it’s awesome, it’s Saurabh, and finally, it’s Karthik.

Click on the following link:

My Birthday Present

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(belated) heppy heppy birthday Karthik :D

and oh btw why low profile? Write something soon :)

"You know, going to Archies gallery and buying a present is easy, and also sometimes it looks so formal and fake, but when you gift somebody your words, your thoughts, your time – that’s very precious. And that’s what Saurabh gave me. His time." - I have always dedicated words too, for they are all I have and they are as much a part of me, my heart - my ego and very being - as my most sublime silences. You hit the nail on the head.

Your friend's post about you, at least some points, suit me too. I love SMS but most of my texts go beyond the length of 2 messages. Thank god... Vodafone does not charge my texts. :P

I suck at precis writing too and hi-five for that! :D ;)

Point no 8: well, I have done that too I guess. LOL.

I loathe 55 fictions too. Never understood the concept; and to be candid I do not have the ability to convey something coherent and wholesome in 55 words.

I LOVE your stories too and you know that. Belated wishes, Karthik! :)

And of course, you're the Sachin Tendulkar of story-telling (what with your and the maestro sharing your birthdays! :D) I truly wish you grace such celestial heights in your own field too.

PS: Don't find me pushy, but I am expecting comments on my work. You can take a lifetime but I hope you'll have something to say - at least good, bad or ugly?! :D

And I thought you were writing another thriller during that long absence! Belated birthday wishes Karthik. I wish you all the happiness in the world. May all your dreams come true. :)

Now off to Saurabh's post! :)

Great to know you had a wonderful time!

Oh..well it's good to know u had a gr8 day!!
But why such a long break!!
Get back soon Karthik

April 24th is the day when master blasters are born is it?? You, a great blogger, writer and Sachin the GOD OF CRICKET....

Happy Birthday Karthik :) :)

dude seriously people do love you...:D

Belated birthday wishes to you Karthik. You have been missing in action for a while. Take care

Hey....such a cute birthday present..surely must hv made ur day... :)

Belated B'day wishes for you.. :)

Hope to cyaa back soon wid longgg n typical Karthik Stories.. :) :)


Thanks, Shruthi. :)
Yeah, hope to write something soon.

I'm insanely glad to know that there are many things that are common between us, Srini. :)

So true about SMS. Even my texts go beyond the length of two msgs. :P

I laughed like hell when I read point 8. He wrote it as a joke, but it happens with me sometimes. Such an extrovert I am. :P

Though I don't like 55 fictions, I've given a shot at them too. They never fascinated me. So high five on this and all the remaining ones. :D

Sachin Tendulkar of story-telling? Lol.. :D Well, that's a wonderful compliment. :)
We not only share our birthdays, but we have something in common too. We don't wish each other. :P

Thank you so much for the wishes, Srini. :)

I'm more eager to read it, man. I'd not miss it for the world. It's just that I want to read it in one go, without taking any breaks. Will definitely do that soon. :)

Destiny's child,
I wrote one story recently, DC. Not a thriller though. I've sent it for a competition, so can't post it until the results are out. And hoping to participate in blog-a-ton tomorrow. :)

Thanks a lot for those lovely wishes. :))

Yeah, all because of the beautiful wishes I've been getting. :)

Heyy long time. Hope you are doing fine. :)
"Great" is such a big word, Soumiya. Can't really associate myself with it yet. But it's really great to know you like my write-ups. :)
Thank you very much for the wishes. :)

:)) Thanks, Jaunty. :))
Hope to participate in blog-a-ton tomorrow. Will try. :)

I hope so, dude. :)

Heyy such a long time, isn't it? Hope you are doing well. :)
Thanks a lot for the wishes. :))

It is a wonderful present, isn't it? And obviously he made my day. :)

Thank you so much, Urvashi. :)
Will definitely write something soon. :))

Happy Belated Birthday...nice site

Belated birthday greetings, dude. You seem to be on a low profile for some time now. No posts after the indimag contest. Hope to see an interesting story from you soon.

Belated wishes for you on your Birthday :)

Awwww Karthik, Belated Happy Birthday! May all your dreams come true..
I was myself offline for a long while so never realised you sailed across yet another landmark i your life..Sorry for the miss!
ATB..God bless!!

I have wished you there already :D but no harm in wishing once again right? - wish you a very happy birthday Karthik :)))

belated happy b'day :)

Thank you.
Welcome to Eloquence Redefined.
Keep visiting.

The Fool,
Thanks a lot, man.
Will write something soon. Hopefully today, for Blog-a-ton.

Thank you so much, Chhaya. :)

Thank you very much for those beautiful wishes, Vibhuti. :)

Haha.. Yeah, definitely no harm in wishing again. :)
Thanks a lot.

Thank you. :)

This is fun... I enjoyed writing that post... You know I was thinking about it for months!

Well I'm glad that you liked it... any plans for BAT?

And Happy Birthday once again...

You thought about it for months? I'm honoured, man.
Thanks again.

Really really long time man! Where had you been guruve? I have been definitely missing your posts. I hope this post marks your return with more wonderful stories? I truly hope so.

And, huttu habbada shubhashayagalu (belated).

Dhanyawaadagalu, Vittal. ;)
Dunno why, man, just felt like taking some time off. Not only from the blog world, but away from the internet. Got tempted to write something soon, I guess.

I'm yet to read some of your posts. Will do so soon. And yet to give you my opinions about your Katha Sagar story. Will do that too. I read it and voted it though.
Thanks for the wishes, once again. :)

Jez! I missed out on your birthday!!!My goodness I am feeling so very guilty...

Not a problem, yaar.
The belated wishes greeting card you sent me was the sweetest card I've ever got.
Thank you so much, again. :)

That was so sweet of you dear!

It was rather interesting for me to read that post. Thanx for it. I like such themes and everything that is connected to this matter. I would like to read more soon.

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