My Birthday Present


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I celebrated my birthday on April 24th. Like every year the celebration started at twelve o’clock in the night when my best friend called me. Then I went to sleep with her sweet wishes still ringing in my ears. And I woke up to my parents’ wishing in the morning. It was a nice beginning.

I’ve been keeping myself away from the internet world for some time now, let alone blogger or facebook or any other social networking sites. But since it was my birthday, I was expecting some wishes in the mailbox. With a mug of hot birthday coffee, I logged into my gmail account. Guria had already surprised me the previous day by remembering my b’day. Don’t really know how she knew, because as far as I remember I’d edited my facebook profile a long time back, for the reasons unknown to myself. Either ways, it was very sweet of her. So with a surprise already in my pocket, I wasn’t expecting any other surprises. But how wrong I was.

I was just about to get the biggest birthday surprise, in a long time. One of the most prolific bloggers, a person with an amazing sense of humour, Saurabh, had written an entire post for me. And mind you, I’m not saying all these things about him because he wished me on his blog. Anyone who reads his blog will know these things about him for sure.

Dedicating a post to somebody is something, but writing an entire post about someone, for his birthday, is an entirely different thing. I was immensely happy.

You know, going to Archies gallery and buying a present is easy, and also sometimes it looks so formal and fake, but when you gift somebody your words, your thoughts, your time – that’s very precious. And that’s what Saurabh gave me. His time.

Trust me when I say this. I have done it, and I know what it takes to write for somebody. You invest your time and thoughts, you ‘think’ about that person when you do it, and when those thoughts manifest on paper or screen, it’s a beautiful manuscript in itself. ‘Words’ are all I have, and I know their importance. I know the importance of that lovely present he gave me. I was truly humbled and touched.

Once again, thanks a lot, Saurabh. You are one of the main reasons why it’s one of the most wonderful birthdays I’ve ever had.


And dude, I know you are already laughing, for this post is becoming lengthier than your post. Can’t help it, man. I’m incorrigible when it comes to the length of my posts. Or should I say, ‘perfection can’t be improved’? Either ways, I’ve proved you right again, haven’t I?

The rest of you, do read the post he’s written for me, for my birthday, about me. I myself didn’t know so many things about me. I was amazed to know them.

It’s touching, it’s funny, it’s informative, it’s lovely, it’s awesome, it’s Saurabh, and finally, it’s Karthik.

Click on the following link:

My Birthday Present

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