A Wild(e) Experience


Mamata Banerjee’s heaven looked like hell. The platform was so crowded we were encumbered every time we tried to walk freely. It was almost 8 and we still had half hour to kill. For such dedicated Ornithologists like us, killing time was no difficult task. The grip we had on that beautiful subject called Ornithology was truly exceptional.

I’ve been to Railway Stations many times in my life, but one thing that is still not clear to me is why people prefer to stand at the tip of the platform to check the arrival of the train. The real tragedy is that it has influenced me as well. So, instinctively, I went and crossed the yellow line and stood at the tip. I bent (again by practice) and the smell that came from the railway track made me retch. But what I did see on the track made me nostalgic for a minute. There were some Piglets and a big Sow searching for their world’s pizzas and burgers. That scene reminded me of a nursery rhyme I’d learnt as a kindergarten boy:

Piggy on the railway,

Picking up stones,

Along came the engine

And broke poor Piggy’s bones.

“Oh” said the Piggy, “That’s not fair”

“Oh” said the Engine, “I don’t care”

I smiled at those Piggies and some atavistic reflex made me feel that I had to get back to my gang – immediately.

Railway Station is a place where one gets to see every type of people. Page 3 delicate darlings to village tough heads, Babies to Babes, decent boys (like us) to indecent ‘yo-yo’ boys with studs all over their bodies that always scream ‘I’m-a-moron-please-look-at-me,’ early teens that behave like omniscient to late teens that look obscured, middle aged ‘big’ boys and girls that look tensed to old aged ‘very big’ boys and girls that look mystified by everything around them, so on and so forth.


This is my entry for Indimag's Katha Sagar Contest. Please click on the following link to read further and rate the story.

Katha Sagar - "A Wild(e) Experience"

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very nice!awe some!!

Great start to the story... superb first line, loved it (what with the reference to Ms. Banerjee and all! :D)

“To have ruined one’s self over poetry is an honour.” - brilliant! Most boldface italicised double quotes were pertinent and simply mind blowing but this was witty, meamimgful and 'beautiful' (lol) all at once!

A light and entertaining read. Simply loved it! :D Any particular reason why narration is in first person?

And I agree with your - or rather your 'I' narrator's - theory on beauty. As a rakhi sis of mine keeps quipping; in the face of great beauty, you are also in grave peril.

Loved the girl's character. There are not many of that ilk left I suppose!


Ha ha That was a wonderful rom-com :)

Loved the flow and the foot ball theory ;)

Loved the narrative. Some lessons learnt here

Wow Karthik!
I am your fan!

How do you do it? A simple plot, with real characters, a familiar setting and a common boy-girl thing. But what narration and how it kept me glued! Simply superb :)

I am sick and tired of telling you to write a book, so this time, I'll say....well, you better start writing one! ;)

Ooh..what a simple story yet so grasping...I knew how things wud mould up with Dheemant...All guys are same, nahi!!

Brilliant work, Karthik!!
I so love this one...It felt like a real experience...;)

Mind Blowing :) I loved the way you described that modern gal in the station :) Loved Dheemant's character :) ALl the quotes are lovely.. Ah.. afterall it's Wilde's.. :)

May be after few years ppl might use your quotes :) :)

All the best..

Missed few of your stories :( Will catch up with them soon okay?? :)

hey .. thats a gr8 story dude !

Thank you so much, Harman. Glad you liked it.

"To have ruined one's self over poetry is an honour" - who else would understand this better than you. After all, you've already ruined yourself in poetry, which I flounder to understand everytime. ;)

Well, it's obviously based on true experiences, and I've been Dheemant a couple of times. :D So using first person narrative gave me more liberty to run the story like a commentary.

Glad you agree with "my" theory on beauty. Haha.. :D

You are right, Srini. Such girls are hard to find. :(

Thanks, man. So glad you enjoyed it. :)

P.S. Please do read "The Beginning" when you find some time. No hurry. But I want you to read it sooner or later.

Lakshmi Rajan,
Welcome to Eloquence Redefined.
Thank you so much. You know, football theory is kinda famous among us now. :P
So glad you liked the story. Keep visiting. :)

The Holy Lama,
Some lessons learnt? hehe.. :D
Thank you so much. I'm happy you liked it. :)

Destiny's child,
Thanks a lot, DC. Your words are always encouraging and they keep me going. I'm humbled, yaar. :)

Book will definitely happen someday. Just a matter of time I started. Will tell you the day I start writing. :) After all I'll be needing your wishes. :)

Yo! I was wondering where you'd been.
Hehe.. :D Yeah, we are all same. Can't help it, as it's encrypted in our DNA code. It stays on forever. :)
And it IS based on real experiences. :)

P.S. Please do read my previous story when you are free - "The Beginning." Can't wait to hear what you have to say about that. :)

Long time no see. Keeping busy, I guess.
Thank you so much, Meow. So glad you liked it. And you too like Oscar Wilde? High five. Good to know that. He's awesome, isn't he?
People will use my quotes? Lol... :D they'll go mad for sure.

Sure, yaar. Take your time. No hurry. :)

scarlet pimpernel,
Welcome to Eloquence Redefined.
Thanks a lot, dude. Glad you liked it. Keep visiting.

simply written but brilliant flow...gud enuf to kip readers hooked:) lovely..i loved the gal's chracter :) thumbs up for that!!:)

n boys like dheemant will be boys like dheemant:)
kip dem comin man!

Thanks a lot, divsi. So happy you enjoyed it. :)
I too loved the girl's character very much. Full of right attitude, isn't it?

And yes. So very true. Boys like Dheemant will always be boys like Dheemant.
Thanks again. :)

Dude...another wonderful post
ya rwak!

Everytime I visit your blog, I feel in awe.. you simple write great.. dont know what else to say ...

1st time here..
its awasom ..lukin fwd to more nice posts :)keep rockin..

Thanks a lot, dude. Glad you enjoyed it.

You are always very encouraging, Bikram. Thank you so much. That certainly felt great. Happy you enjoyed the story.

Welcome to Eloquence Redefined.
Thanks a bunch, Deepa. Sure you'll have lots to read in the future.

Couldn't quite get it if I be true! :|

Happy belated b'day! Just found out from Saurabh's post. Hope you had a rocking time...

The Virgin Author,
Couldn't get it? You surprise me, mate. This is one of the simplest stories I've ever written.

Heyy thanks a lot, Roshmi. Yes, I did have a wonderful time.

True that one can see all kinds of people in the railway station.. infact its a known fact.. but the vivid portrayal of a known fact is simply superb! Blog rolling you :)

Thank you so much, Vibhushan. I really appreciate your taking interest in my older posts. :)
Thanks for blogrolling me. Doing the same. :)

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