A Philosophical Journey

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The inside of the train was swarmed with people and everyone stunk like a different animal, except for Bunty and me. The stinking train had promised to take us to Mysore and we humbly believed it. Since the journey from Bangalore to Mysore was just three hours at the most, we dint bother to reserve our seats. So the general compartment!  And everyone in the compartment seemed to have a ‘this-is-my-seat’ attitude. Well, we weren’t an exception either. In fact we were a step ahead in that league. Hence we sliced through the swarm of people like a fighter jet shooting through the air in the sky, and found two seats near the window.

Bunty put our bags in the luggage area above us and took the window seat, with me sitting beside him. By his expression I could say he was overwhelmed by finding us seats in the overcrowded compartment. He looked at me and smiled. I saw a glimpse of Julius Caesar on his face. ‘I came, I saw, I conquered’ was the unspoken statement. He kept looking at me, and it was only when I acknowledged his victory did he turn his face away. Such was his desperation to get the credit for his triumph.

The train grunted and groaned as if telling that the passengers were a pain in its neck. Finally, it started moving. Had a Ferrari or a Lamborghini seen the speed of our train, it would have dismantled itself in a fit of laughter. Our train left the station after floundering for full five minutes. Many people were standing and everyone carried a different expression on his/her face: some angry, some jealous. Bunty looked at them, and this time I saw a glimpse of Hitler on his face. “Bloody losers!” was the unspoken statement. A moment later he looked at me, but I dint acknowledge this time. Was his ego hurt? I could not tell.

Though we managed to get the seats, we were still sitting very uncomfortably. There were five people on our bench, including Bunty and me. It was the same with the people in front of us. It was only after twenty minutes did I notice a man sitting right in front of us with a book in his hand and ear phones in his ears, oblivious of the uncomfortable seating arrangement. His face dint show any agitation or uneasiness. A very proactive man indeed, I thought. Just when I was analyzing him, he lifted his head, saw me, smiled and buried his head back into his book. Clearly, he dint want any diversion from reading.




One hour had passed. Bunty and I were growing impatient with each passing minute.

A few minutes later a red traveling bag fell on Bunty from the top. It angered him so much he started shouting and cussing at the top of his voice.

“Which idiot’s bag is it?”

It might not have angered him that much if it had fallen on his head, but it wasn’t the case, as it had fallen on his thighs. He was holding his cell phone in his hands with forearms resting on his thighs. For a guy like Bunty, a cell phone is like a second girl friend through which he can reach his first. So the agony!

He was standing with the red bag in his hand and everyone was looking at him now. But to my amazement, nobody claimed the bag. Bunty was breathing fire.

“Which scumbag’s bag is this?” He shouted again. Idiot had become a scumbag now. Before he could graduate and do his PhD in swearing, I intervened.

“Come on. Whose bag is this?” I asked decently.

But still nobody came forward. Some left their seats and came near us to get some free entertainment, only to lose their seats to some other standing passengers. Such dumb heads, I should say. They were clearly disappointed to know that there was no ‘intense’ drama going on. When they realized they had lost their seats for nothing, they showered praises on everyone’s mother and sister.

Bunty held the zipper of the bag and said, “If this bag belongs to nobody, I am going to take out everything and start throwing out of the window one by one.”

Some of the passengers were very curious to know what was inside the bag. Some looked scared, for they suspected a bomb. And some were just not interested and looked away. I had to say something and pacify him.

But before I could say something the reading-man who was sitting in front of us spoke, “Take it easy, my friend. This doesn’t solve any problem. You have to stay calm.” He closed the book, kept it on his seat and got up. I could see what book he was reading. It was ‘Emotional Intelligence’ by Daniel Goleman. Now I knew what was all about being calm when a five kg bag falls on you.

“Trust me, you don’t want to do that,” said the disciple of Daniel Goleman.

“No, I don’t trust you and I really want to do it,” said the disciple of Hitler.

“Hey, come on, dude. Don’t do it. That’s all right,” I tried to appease him.

He was getting back to his senses slowly.

“At least let me find out whose bag it is. Such fat headed skunk! Can’t he even keep it properly?” he was still furious.

“May be he is asleep somewhere.  Or he could even be a bit far from here. There are more than hundred people in this compartment. May be he dint hear you,” said the ‘supposed-to-be’ shrink.

Bunty looked at me for a nod or a shrug. I decided to nod.

He breathed heavily once, made space for the bag and kept it in the luggage area far away from above us.

Once we had settled, the lover of non-violence and peace said, “Hi, I am Dr. Abhishek.”

“And I am Amitabh,” mocked Bunty.

I stamped his leg and said, “Hey, behave.” Then I turned to Aishwarya’s actor-turned-doctor husband.

“Don’t mind. As you can see he’s a little disturbed. Well, I am Ritesh and he is Bunty. We are students of engineering,” I made a formal introduction.

“No problem. I can understand. By the way, I am a professor of Psychology in Acharya Institute, Bangalore.”

Well that explains the presence of Daniel Goleman’s Emotional Intelligence. I bet he was listening to something exactly opposite to Linkin Park on his I-pod.

He was at least 10-12 years older than we. He continued.

“You should always have a calm mind, my friend. Only then the mind works well. Haven’t you heard that saying? ‘He, who angers you, conquers you.’

No wonder he was a professor.

“Hey, what’s with you and the word ‘calm?’ Is that your solution to everything?” Bunty retorted.

Professor was mute for a second or two. So Bunty continued.

“My philosophy is simple: ‘He, who angers you, motivates you.’

“Huh? Motivates you? How?” Professor was flummoxed, and so was I.

“Motivates me to kill him,” replied Bunty.

The moment he said that, I laughed, which clearly annoyed the Professor. I immediately apologized. “Please don’t mind. He can be difficult sometimes.”

“That’s all right. I’ve handled many students like him many times.” The Professor’s ego was too conspicuous. He changed the topic and continued.

“This is the reason I don’t keep my bag on top when I am traveling in general compartment, you know. I don’t want to cause problem to others in any way. That’s why I always keep my bag with me.” He showed a black bag which was kept on the floor, near his legs.

I really dint know how to respond to this modern Mahatma Gandhi. But I still managed to say, “That’s a nice thing to know.”

After that he kept on talking. Bunty never uttered a word, but he became interested soon enough. Professor’s topics ranged from facts to fiction, Philosophy to Spirituality to Psychology. Since he specialized in Psychology, he talked more on it. But he really got on our nerves whenever he touched the subject of Spirituality or Philosophy. It was all right with the rest of the subjects. I should admit he was a good talker.




The train finally reached Mysore railway station. People were already fighting to get off the train as soon as possible. The insides of our noses were stung again by the famous smell of railway station. Though people were getting off the train, the compartment was still crowded. I wonder how many were there when we started from Bangalore. It was a train, right? Or did people confuse it with Titanic? Since I was also a part of it, I couldn’t complain.

Bunty took our bags from the luggage area. To our astonishment the red traveling bag that had fallen on Bunty was still there – untouched. He clenched his fist and punched it once in disgust and looked around to see if anybody was there to claim it, but none of them showed any symptoms of any attachment towards the bag.

“I still feel like throwing it out,” muttered Bunty.

“Forget it, man. It’s over. Let it go,” I reasoned.

Our new acquaintance was also standing with his bag.

“Ok, gentlemen. It was really nice meeting you.”

“Nice meeting you too, Dr. Abhishek,” I said.

We shook our hands. Bunty also smiled for the first time in 2 hrs and shook his hands. With that we started towards the door. After another session of pushing and struggling and swearing, we finally got off the train. Dr. Abhishek was right behind us, but when I looked back to say ‘good bye’ for the last time, he wasn’t there. I swept the area with my eyes and saw him through the window sill, still stuck up in the compartment between people, staggering to move past them. He saw me and shrugged his shoulders. I waved my hand and said ‘bye.’

Bunty was a couple of paces ahead of me, so I started jogging. When I caught up with him, he opined about Dr. Abhishek, “Very boring fellow, but still quite interesting.”

“Touché!” I said and we started walking briskly towards the gate.

I found a small bookshop on the way out and slowed my pace.

“Don’t even think about it. Prashanth must be waiting for us outside,” Bunty reminded me when he saw me eying the bookshop.

“I should be back in two minutes, man. You be outside. I shall come and join you both soon,” I requested.

“Make it fast.”

“Will do.”

 I then changed my direction and started walking towards the bookshop. By the time I reached, Bunty had already strolled out of the railway station.




After browsing for some time and when I dint find any book of my taste, I decided to walk away. When I started moving towards the gate, I saw someone I knew briefly with a black bag on his back. It was Dr. Abhishek. He was buying a can of coke in a nearby refreshment shop.

“Dr. Abhi….” I stopped midway, for something had caught my eye.

Then I noticed what it was. He paid for his drink and lifted another bag from the floor with his right hand. It was the same red traveling bag that had fallen on Bunty.

I wanted to call Bunty immediately, but decided against it, for I certainly dint have any intention of becoming an umpire for a street (or station) fight. Moreover, I remembered his Philosophy perfectly well: ‘He, who angers you, motivates you.’  

I glanced at Dr. Abhishek who was now talking to somebody on his cell phone. The man had really played the game well. I smiled for myself and started walking towards the gate.


********************The End********************

Copyright © Karthik 2010

Comments (58)


Kinda guessed the ending. :D. Not accurately but somewhat yet that need not take anything from the narrative. Don't mind me for being daft - or ma be I will have to read it - was something in the red bag significant (viz., contraband)? Or did the red bag just play a 'role' in the philosophical journey?

I loved the narrative. References to Mahatma Gandhi, Hitler's disciple, Aishwarya's actor turned doctor husband etc more than just tickled the funny bone. You excel in 'narration' - as opposed to 'description' which has become outmoded these days.

Keep up the good work. Cheers! :-)

Yea I knew it was the guy's bag.But loved reading the story nonetheless...the dialogues and elements of humor were well-placed and made the story all the more enjoyable.
Keep writing. :)

I guessed it too late.. :(
it was a gr8 narration.. :)
so many funny comments.. i was expecting one relating Bunty & Dr. Abhishek :D (Bunty aur Bubbly, Abhishek Bachhan was Bunty in that film)

I would like to disagree with one point particularly.. stinking smell at station.. it is rather of the toilets..
and I have been to mysore in train from bangalore.. mysore station did not greet us with offensive smell...

I realised that the bag belonged to Dr. abhisek but was also thinking in the lines of a bomb blast etc. esp after the Pune blast...

Loved the flow of your story...

Great! I expected bombs, weapons and blasts. I am glad none of it was there ;) Loved it. What a guy that Mr Abhishek. And I sort of liked Bunty's character...funny guy...lol
Keep up the good work Karthik...:)

And btw, what's up with the font? I had to select the text to be able to read it! Correct it now!!!

hi!Nice story.... good humour.. But found few errors... But i liked the humour in the story... and the ending was quite predictable.. but as usual a great story from you...

Lol.. :D Funny you should ask that. No. The red bag has got nothing to do with anything concrete. ;)

Thank you so much, Srini. Narration matters to me more than the subject of the story. I'm so glad you liked it.

Hope there are no errors in language. Tell me if you find any.

Thank you so much. I'm happy you liked the humour, which of course was the drive behind this story and not the ending part. Glad you enjoyed it. :)

It's not a problem if you couldn't guess it, man. Making the readers guess the ending was not at all my intention here. Humour is the essential part. And I'm so glad you enjoyed it. :)

About the stinking smell: well, it's not about the foul smell of Mysore or Bangalore or any other city's Railway station. Some things are written to bring the dramatic effect in the story. You know what I mean, don't you? ;)

Hahaha... :D You were expecting a bomb blast? lol... :P Not your mistake, that. Since I've been writing only grim and intense stories lately, it's only obvious you should expect such things. ;)
Anyways, thank you so much, yar. Glad you liked the flow. :)

Destiny's child,
You too were expecting bombs and weapons? :P Guess you've got acclimatized to my favourite genre. But don't worry. Bombs and weapons will be back soon on Eloquence Redefined. ;)

I'm happy you liked the characters. Thank you so much, DC. :)

By the way, what problem did you have with the font? Is it too small? Please be specific and reply.

Thank you so much. I have not tried to make it a suspenseful story. Anyways, glad you liked it.

Good stuff K! Awesome narration as always. Couple of things, nothing major though.

1.Typo - 'Dint' in couple of places.

2.Para 1 - 'We weren't an exception either'..My doubt is, do 'we' and 'an exception' go hand in hand? Has it been used in a generic sense is what I wish to know..Just a little curious. I've always had this doubt w.r.t. the usage!

I liked the touch of humor! Didn't expect it when I read the title! Dr.Abhi turned out to be Dr.Smarty!

Overall, quite an entertaining post! Cheers!

Wow....thats cool...though clearly understood whose red bag it was , the way the story has been written , with touch of great personalities (Hitler , Amitabh , Mk Gandhi , Abhishek , n the phrase Ash's actor turned doctor wa quite hillarious ! )Loved the way its written !

Didn't find any. And as for why I asked the question, I am dumb, Karthik. No 'lols' I can really be, at least at times. :D

hehe I'd guessed it too!
Your story would have made a great inspiration for Mario Miranda's cartoon you know..
Lovely story telling..I like it how you weave true to life dialogues into the story..:)
Hey what I've noticed (which you may not have realised) is that you have forgotten that 'didn't has 2 d's in it...:(
Enjoyed the train ride to Mysore!!

1. 'Dint' is not a typo. It is PERFECTLY all right, dear. 'Did not' can be written as dint, din't and didn't. All three are absolutely correct. Didn't is more British that's all. I very well remember that grammar session in BDVT with Mr. Narayana Rao (hope you know him) when he specified the above things. I usually write 'didn't', but this time I just wrote without thinking whatsoever.

2. About "we were not an exception either": I don't think this is a mistake. The term 'we' should be treated as a single entity here. Did you know even using "None of them 'are'.." is correct sometimes (not always)?
I'm quite sure of this. If you still think this is wrong, convince me.

Thank you so much, Rock. Glad you liked the story. :)

ah, well narrated story Karthik..I quite liked the philosophical sentences, reactions of characters and of course the plot..

ewwwwww, sorry for such an evaluating comment..so unlike me..but; a very nice post :)

Welcome to Eloquence Redefined.
It's too obvious, isn't it? There are only three characters and the bag should belong to one of them.
I'm so glad you enjoyed the humour content. That's the highlight of the story.
Thanks a bunch. Keep visiting. :)

Haha.. :) Not at all, Srini. It wasn't a dumb question. It's just that I wasn't expecting it. :P

By the way, I just replied to one of my friends regarding a query. Let me ask you the same. A sentence that comes in the story, "We weren't 'an' exception either," is it correct?
I think it's correct. Tell me if I'm wrong and how.

Hahaha.. :D Mario Miranda's cartoons? I'm not familiar with his works, but very glad to know you think that this story might inspire such a great cartoonist.
Hope it tickled your funny bone. ;)
Thank you so much, Vibhuti. You made me smile. Happy to know you enjoyed the train ride to Mysore. :)

By the way, 'Dint' is a correct usage. It's not a typo. Please read my reply to Raksha. She too mentioned the same.

Thank you so much, yar. Feels good to know you enjoyed the story. :)

And what's all about being sorry, huh? Feel free to have your say. I shall only be glad. You know that, don't you?

:) :) I liked the way you've narrated :) esp. i liked the way you've portrayed BUNTY... while reading even I got irritated a bit with Bunty's behavior :P I loved the ending.. Dr. Abhishek :) :)

Btw, your template is too good...

This story was very different from your usual style. I laughed out loud in parts of it and I absolutely loved it to the core!
Was kindoff feeling towards the end that the bag may have belonged to the Doc. Smart move to avoid conflict with a fuming youth eh? :)

Hey dude plz don't do it...
You are already the best at narrating and thrilling people with your mysteries...
And this one was funny as well...
If you gonna do 'every genre' in your blog, what would the other guys do?
You are outdoing yourself every time.

OK now about the post...
At first I thought the prof was some educated bomber or something, but later I could guess it kinda.

The humor was gr8 and light. Enjoyed it.

BTW great template... Although I think light text on dark background is more in line with your style of writing...

And dunno why, but all the thumbnails in the comments seem blurred. See if you can do something about it...

I always wanted to write a loooong comment on your blog... So this is it!

loved the narration..super dialogues!
kinda identified wid bunty's temper! lol
very well crafted!:]
glad to be back to reading ya blog!

Thanks a bunch, Meow. I'm happy you liked the narration. Anyone in Bunty's place would behave like that, don't you think? ;)
And glad you liked the template. Changing it was such a head ache, yar. :)

Yeah, true. Thought of changing the genre, as my last 2-3 stories were very grim. Needed some humour on my blog. So the ride to Mysore! ;)
You know, there is nothing embarrassing than to write a humourous story and nobody even smiles. I'm so damn glad it made you laugh. Thank you. :)

Phew! What can I say, dude? I'm so bloody humbled and honoured at such a tremendous compliment you've given me. Feels great to know you think like that. Thank you, with all of my heart!

You too thought on the lines of bombs and terrorism?? Lol.. :D Maybe that's why I changed the genre this time.

Anyways, so glad you enjoyed the humour.

By the way, did you read my last story - 'What if...'? I know you are quite busy these days (writing only 55 fictions on your blog tells it). It's quite lengthy, so I'm giving you exactly three months to read it. :D I consider it my best till date and I want you to read it. Should you not read it, I shall personally come to Roha and hunt you down, I promise. :x

And yeah the thumbnails are blurred. But they look all right when the comment box is popped out. All the templates downloaded from that website seems to be having this problem. I'll see what I can do.

Thanks again, dude. You certainly made my day.

Ha! Look who's back! ;)
Thank you so much, divsi. Glad you liked it.
Nice to see you after a long time.

It was a nice read, but the stink part was so gross. Have you ever experienced it? :P
I could guess that the red bag belonged to the reading man, nevertheless it was a nice story. :)
A street fight would have been fun. :P

Wow!! You have narrated well, as usual Karthik. Liked the way you have formed and developed the characters.

:-) Keep writing.

hey karthik..lovely plot and excellent narration as always..i kind of suspected it to be Dr. Abhishek's bag..but that's hardly the point here..your message came across very nicely through the story :)

Good one. I expected humour though. Anyways met the B family right here.

I wish I could thank and appreciate you enough for making me laugh my heart out. I can imagine now what a shock you get when you come to my blog. Anyways, this one is really nice and must say, has a very realistic portrayal or events and characters.And your description and diction are just outstanding.

wow yaar..u describe the characters n situations so so so well...i can actually picturize them...

the part where Bunty replies to Dr.Abhishek, "N I am Amitabh...." made me laugh out so loud tht my mom was wondering what was i reading... :D :D

Nice work..the prof really a smart fellow... :) :)

Yeah, I've had that stinky experience. But that wasn't the point here. Do read my reply to Sundeep.
Thanks for the comment. Glad you liked it.

Thank you so much. I'm happy you liked it. Sure I'll keep writing. :)

You are absolutely right, man. The ending part was not at all the point here. The essential part was humour and how a man handles the situation that has gone haywire. Thank you so very much, Umesh.
Glad you enjoyed it. :)

The Holy Lama,
Thank you. I think I missed Aishwarya here. Should have included her as well. What say? :P

You have already appreciated me enough, dear. Now allow me to thank you. :)
You certainly made my day and I'm so damn glad you enjoyed it so much. :)

By the way, what was that about me coming to your blog and getting a shock? Didn't quite get you. Please clarify.
Thanks again. :)

I was wondering where you'd gone. ;)
It made you laugh so much? Whoa! I'm so happy, yar. Thanks a million.
The prof was certainly a smart fellow, wasn't he? :D

I didn't mean any offense. I just told it was gross from the character point of view. Nothing else. I really enjoyed reading the story.

I didn't say I was offended.
Anyways, thanks again for the comment.

Now look how you have associated your writing with bomb blasts, weapons etc. that almost everyone thought it was too obvious n u bamboozled everyone at the end with the kind of The End..I'm no different...I couldn't ever guess this was going to end up being funny...But yes...Karthik strikes again..Loved this piece of writing to the core!!

Rock on boy!! :)

Well...the font was invisible! Your background is black and the font was black too! It still is, I wonder if it's something with 'my' system...no one else seems to have pointed it out....

You too, Brutus?! *sob sob*
I'll do one thing. From next time onwards I'll put up a disclaimer explaining what genre it is at the beginning. What say? Hehehe.. :P :P

So glad you liked it, Rhythm. A very special thanks to you, as I thought you'd not read it so soon because of your exams and all. Yet you read, and I'm only humbled. :)

Happy Holi! ;)

Destiny's child,
Oh no! Damn it!
It's the problem with your network, I guess, DC. The template might not be loading properly on your system. But it's a very simple and basic template, yar. Dunno what's the problem.
It's working fine with me and others. The background is white and the font is black. It's irritating for you, I suppose. So sorry.

"Et tu Brute"...Julius Caesar is one of my favorite plays of all times!!!
So love your reply for that!!

N yes..I forgot to write...I just love this template!!:)

Very sober and effective for the kind of writing you have!:)

N yes...Exams still on!!
Hope to be back...back as in proper waala back...real soon!!

Cheers Karthik~!!

Ha! Julius Caesar is my favourite too. High five! :)

Changing the template was such a headache, yar. Glad you liked it. Now it is easier on the eyes, isn't it? - when compared to my previous template.

Busy bee! All the best for your exams, Rhythm. Do well.
Come back to blogosphere as soon as you finish your last exam - directly from the exam hall. ;)



The new template is nice and refreshing!!
And the story is gooood!! But I feel either the plot or the humor must have been more intense..but nevertheless enjoyed it so very much!!

Well I was referring to the serious and somber mood that pervades my blog, quite juxtaposed to the vivacity of your's.
Between I posted a kind of a joyful story but alas none of you dropped in to read that. I'll appreciate if you do.The title of the post is "Knowing Words".

I guessed it would be the guys bag. But still loved reading it.

Dr Mr Aishwarya Rai played his game well :)and Bunty was amusing :D
Loved the description of general compartment. I once traveled in a GC from mysore to Bangalore and had to sit next to the door (meaning the stinkiest place on earth). but it was fun nevertheless :D this one bought back memories :)

Guessed the ending, but ut was still worth reading! :)
Well scripted story, as always..BTW, I tagged you! Do it check out..:)

Intense plot??? There was no plot in this whatsoever, dear. It's a just a little incident.
Anyways, glad you liked it. Thank you so much. :)

I've always enjoyed your posts, yar, be it anything. "How" you say things is all that matters to me, and you always excel at it. :)

Jumping onto your blog right away... ;)

Thanks a lot, Harini.

Dr Mr Aishwarya?! Hahahaha.. lol.. :D That was a good one. ;)
Sitting next to the door must have been real fun, eh? :P
Thank you so much, ri. I'm happy you liked it. :)

Thanks a bunch, Preeti. Feels good to know you enjoyed it. :)

Coming to your blog right away.... :)

Haha. nice. writing a tale out of almost nothing is not easy. you have done well :)

PS: i m glad bunty does not travel in a Mumbai local.. :P

I am too delayed coming here. Sorry about that. The plot this time was simple and I had guessed that the bag was that of Dr. Abhishek. But hey, was that a give away? I don't think so. The point is not that the red bag was his, the point is that who won the battle - swear words or cool mind.

Dr. Abhishek has played his cards very nicely. Through this first-person PoV you have very nicely described the character of Abhishek because I think you wanted to do that. It is a nice experiment and it has come out well. We see this person as a very confident and brash individual. He has a lot of confidence because he is sure that he could coax Bunty not to throw the stuff from within the bag. He is brash because he waited until the limit was pushed, until Bunty lost it completely and was about to throw the contents of the bag out through the window.

I like this story because it has a very nice flow to it. The PoV is very nice and the quirks you add are just beautiful. Nice one, mate.


Yes, obviously obvious but then I got more involved to see how he handles it. Therein lies the success of the writing. Good job!

Hey K! Convince you? I was wanting to be convinced and I'm....I was the one who had doubts at first place and I got the clarification...why'd I go digging deeper after finding what I was looking for? ;)

I do know Mr.Narayan Rao :) Did not attend that session though..Coincidence at its best! Was thinking of calling him today to discuss about something and saw that you mentioned him! :) :) One of the most brainiest and classy people I've EVER met!

Thanks. And yes, writing almost out of nothing. I just need something to write. :)
Glad to know you liked it.

P.S. If Bunty's creator wants him to travel in Mumbai local, that too will happen. :)

You are bang on, Vittal. Revealing whose bag it was in the end was not the essential part of the story, but to show how a man can handle a tricky situation well. And most importantly, the humour in the narrative.

I'm mighty glad you understood the sensible nature of this story. Thank you so much. This was certainly not one of those 'I-guessed-the-ending' type of stories. ;)
You made my day for sure.

Thank you so much, man. Glad you recognized the intent of the story well.

The second point you mentioned; I am only 90% sure, not 100%. That's why I asked you to convince me if you thought otherwise. :)

And do tell me what you discussed with him. :)

A nice story! It made quite an interesting reading.

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