Schumi is back - again?!

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When Ferrari’s Felipe Massa, who is my favourite driver, crashed his car into the tyre barrier in the qualifying race of Hungarian Grand Prix last year and suffered a massive head injury, I was disheartened. A day later when I heard the news that seven time world champion Michael Schumacher would take the wheel, I was rapturous, but only to get skeptical later.

Now, it’s official. He’s racing for Mercedes Brawn GP.

Boy, am I excited?!

Formula one is tougher than ever. The cars’ designs have undergone a meteoric change with KERS technology, considerably small cock-pit and much narrower than the ones seen 2-3 years earlier. It is in one of these cars that Schumi has to race this season.

Had it not been for his neck injury he’d have made his comeback last year itself. “I can never think of racing again,” he had repeatedly said after retirement. Now that he has decided to race again after four years, it’s only obvious that he cannot think of living without racing. Such is his passion. But will he able to live up to his standards? I hope he will.

Come this march he will be racing his 250th Grand Prix, in Bahrain. His comeback, like that of Lance Armstrong to the Tour de France, will be subjected to a lot of public scrutiny and the sport will definitely be much more interesting. Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettal, who is my second favourite and McLaren’s Lewis Hamilton were just four and six years old respectively when Schumacher first raced a formula one car. But these two have the caliber to outdo their role model; Vettal could be as aggressive as ever if need be and Hamilton, with his swift and controlled maneuvering, could pose a real challenge to everyone on the race track, let alone Schumacher. To top it all, there is Ferrari’s Felipe Massa, last year’s champion Jenson Button (who is racing for McLaren this year along with Hamilton) and two time world champion Fernando Alonso (Ferrari). Well, it’s not going to be easy for Schumi.


Sanath Jayasurya could be playing well in his 40s, Sachin Tendulkar might play for another two years, Dhanraj Pillai might live up to our expectations if he ever makes a comeback, Lance Armstrong could be pedaling well at this age; but making a comeback and driving a formula one car at the age of 41 is not easy, for it is the bravest, toughest, riskiest and the most fascinating sport in the world. And no sportsman goes through as much punishment as a formula one driver. To drive a formula one car one should not only have a lion’s heart, but also a mother’s fingers to steer the wheel to perfection.

To know why formula one is considered THE toughest sport in the world, click HERE. If you haven't heard about this great sport's amazing facts, it's high time you knew them, or else you'll be missing a lot.


The sport’s oldest champion remains the late Argentine Juan Manual Fangio, who won his fifth title at the age of 46. The oldest driver to win a Grand Prix is Italian Luigi Fagioli in 1951 at the age of 53.

But these were not comebacks.

The only two examples are Niki Luada of Austria and Nigel Mansell of UK. But Schumacher can’t afford to take much inspiration from these two.

Niki Lauda, having won the championship in 1975 and 1977, left formula one at the end of 1979, only to return two years later with McLaren and picked up his third title in 1984 at the age of 35.

Nigel Mansell quit after winning the championship with Williams in 1992 and made a brief four-race comeback after Ayrton Senna’s death in 1994, winning only one GP. He then humiliated himself the following year, attempting a full-scale return, when he could not fit into the car. He was 42 years old.


In spite of all these obstacles no one can doubt the extent of Schumacher’s commitment to his passion. He does (and is doing) whatever it takes to make himself competitive with the new generation. He never stopped training in his retirement and he sees no reason why he shouldn’t win this time.

Go Schumi Go!

Go he will because go he must.

With four new teams (Lotus, Campos, Virgin, and US) making their debuts this season, the first race is on 14th March: Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix. The lap record on this track is 1:30.252 – set by Michael Schumacher in 2004.

I’m thrilled. Are you?

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Comments (23)

The passion for the sport makes what we call as a great sportsman..!

N m sure, no matter what, Schumi can do it again...!!

Fingers crossed...!!

N as for the post..need I say, it was brilliant??

:) :D


Sorry, not the F1 type! :D. But yeah you write well as I said. :)

Karthik.......... am confused.its either your writing style that m mighty impressed with or its my sleeplessness playing havoc with my brain.

I actually read the whole post.

Though quite adventurous otherwise, racing has never quit giving me goosebumps.

Hope your hopes for your favorites come true..

From my side, I hope all who compete come out of it, safe and sound to njoy their lives happily off the track too.

Whoa this is some really good news!I'm not much of a follower of f1 races but somehow I've always liked Schumacher.
Hope he takes us by storm once again! :)
Go Schumi!

I stopped following F1 after schumi retired... yeah.. other reasons were there too.. but that was the defining one.. and lot has changed in F1.. all of which am not aware.. and few races which I did see after he retired, lacked any thrill.. and rules certainly i did not like..

so, this yr, i might follow F1, but not with the same excitement of old..

nice post btw.. :P

Not F1, me! But I read the whole post. That should say something about the way you write :)

Is he back??? Oh wow!! I cant wait. And thanks much Karthik for all those trivia...:-)

Frea'king' i love kimi after schumi nicely analyzed

The kind of competition in making the championship much havoc these days agreed its completely a strategy to make schumi back again on the track looks like ferrari team to gain its brand asap good luck schumi and most importantly missing frea'king' kimi he is the one ferrari badly miss him

I agree. Passion for their sport is what makes them great sportsmen. Me too, fingers crossed. :D
Thank you so much. :)

Not a F1 fan? Just watch one race completely without break, and you'll be hooked. It's just a 1:45 to 2 hr sport. ;) And thank you so much. I'm glad you think I write well. :)
By the way, there is no 'post comment' option on your blog. I tried to comment a couple of times, but to no avail. Please see to that.
Your sonnets were very beautiful indeed. :)

Whoa! That's a mighty complement. Thank you so much. :)
I hope so too. :)

He's sure to take us by storm once again. It's gonna be one helluva fun ride for us viewers. :)

There are no much changes in the rules, dude. The major change is in the car design, but that's OK. It has become tougher and more challenging now.
Schumi was the undisputed king when he retired. The only competition for him were Fernando Alonso, Kimi Raikkonen and another one or two. But now there are many. So it got more challenging after he retired. Trust me, this sesaon will be better than the ones you've seen. Watch out for Sebastian Vettal, for he's sure to take your breath away. :)

Destiny's child,
Yo! Thank you so much. That was a great complement. :)

Not a problem. I can't wait too. :)

Welcome to Eloquence Redefined.
Damn! Why the hell did I forget to mention Kimi Raikkonen in the post! Well, thanks anyway. I too like Kimi. Keep visiting. :)

Welcome to Eloquence Redefined.
You are bang on! Exactly my thoughts. Kimi is not only missed in Ferrari car, but also in the season. Too bad he's not in F1 anymore.
Thank you so much. Keep visiting. :)

You have been tagged again!!

details @ my blog

btw, i will be back to read ur post :)

a very nice blog u have going on inhere.....nice work of words...

I love sports; but I don't follow F1..my best friend loves it and he keeps pestering me with all the info of this game..and I just pretend to hear him :P

you sure are crazy about it :)

hey karthik..im sorry i missed you earlier posts...was on a break from blogging..feels good to be back :)

Coming to the post, well what Sachin is to Cricket, Schumi is to F1- GOD...im thrilled that he's making a comeback but im skeptical as to his chances of winning d title...d competition has certainly intensified in these 2-3 yrs...

But i'm also surprised that he's making a comeback with mercedes n nt ferrari...its like sachin wanting to play for Kolkata knight riders n not Mumbai Indians!

Thanks, yar. I appreciate it. :)

Welcome to Eloquence Redefined.
Thank you so much. I'm glad you liked my blog. Keep visiting. :)

I think it's high time you listened to your friend. Trust me, you won't be disappointed. F1 is far more better than Fast and Furious movies. Your adrenaline will pump like never before. :)
And did you say I was crazy about this sport? Nope. I'm a F1 fanatic. ;)

Don't worry, man. Take your time. No hurry. But yeah, feels good to see you back. :)

And you are right. What Sachin is to Cricket, Schumi is to F1. Like you even I'm skeptical about his chances. Vettal, Button, Massa, Alonso, Hamilton, are sure to pose a tough competition.

But Mercedes GP is a damn good car, man. Remember last season's races and how Button steered through his wins. Then again, Ferrari is Ferrari, isn't it? Pity his contract ended. Ferrari is gonna miss him more than him missing Ferrari.
Thanks a lot, man. Good to know you are an F1 fan too. :)

I came to know from this post that you are a great fan of F1. :-) Am I excited Schumi is back? No. Because I don't follow F1 (I don't follow any sport for that matter!).

But I like your passion towards following a sport and I liked the detailed explanation you have given about why a comeback in this sport isn't as easy as it seems. Also, the facts you have brought in are simply splendid.

I wish good luck to the returning champion. Three cheers to the grand racer of them all, Michael Schumacher.

Oh, yes, I am. I am a great crazy fan of F1. I like it more than Cricket.
Give it a try, man. You won't be disappointed for sure. :)

Some legends find it hard to quit what they do due to pure passion. Its not about money for them anymore. One of the great example is Schumi. Others i would say Roger Federer and Sachin Tendulkar.

You are bang on, Sivi. I agree completely. :)

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