Clincher - A Short Story


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The conference room looked tensed. Nobody had moved an inch from his respective place since a long time. A decision had to be made that day and that decision would change a lot of things from then onwards. So everyone in the room was quite serious and never before had anyone been so anxious. All six of us were sitting in total silence and everyone seemed to be debating with himself.

We actually had two choices to begin with, out of which only one had to be chosen. But it wasn’t that easy. Three of us wanted to go ahead with Plan A, but the remaining wanted Plan B. So the decision making process was getting more and more difficult with every passing minute. Since everyone’s time, energy and mainly money was involved, we couldn’t have afforded to make any hasty decisions and everyone’s consent was necessary. There had to be a mutual agreement.

Abhishek, Shekhar, and I tried to convince the remaining three i.e. Prajwal, Naveen and Siddharth to go with Plan A, but they were hesitant, for they were afraid of their investments taking a beat. No matter how hard we tried to convince them they remained obstinate. There were sporadic exchanges of polite conversation between us in the beginning, but atmosphere changed very soon to a certain extent and the conversation got heated up.

“With all due respect I disagree to your proposal, for it doesn’t make any sense and our investments will go wasted if we go with Plan B”, Abhishek said. Shekhar and I nodded in agreement.

“Sorry to tell you, but I think the same way about Plan A”, Prajwal said repudiating Abhishek’s views. Naveen and Siddharth nodded their agreement.

“Look you’re not getting the hang of what we are trying to say. If we go ahead with Plan B, firstly, it will be waste of money; secondly, it will be waste of time and also energy. Above all we have other business to take care as well, so we can’t invest everything we have on only this one, can we?” I remonstrated.

“I quite agree with you, Kishan. But you three got to try harder to convince us”, Naveen said rather frivolously.

“Ok. Listen up. If we really want to invest in Plan B, we can do it anytime in the future. With the amount of credibility it has now, we can’t take the risk of investing in it at this particular juncture. But after a few weeks if you still want to invest in it we’ll go ahead with it. Then at least we wouldn’t be losing much money and time”, Shekhar explained.

“How come you are so sure about Plan A being the best for our investments? Could you care to explain more?” Siddharth asked finally.

“Sure. If we go ahead and invest in Plan A, we at least wouldn’t be disappointed too much. Even if it doesn’t work to a great extent, it will still be satisfactory on minimum grounds. And most importantly, we wouldn’t be getting that opportunity for at least another year. On the contrary, if we go for Plan B, it won’t be anything but cliché. We’ve done it in the past and we will be doing it again with no much profit. As Shekhar put it, we can invest in it after a few weeks if you are really hell bent on it”, Abhishek explained.

There was a thoughtful silence for about two minutes. Then Prajwal, Naveen and Siddharth got engaged in a furtive conversation which we couldn’t hear properly. Shekhar, Abhishek and I were anxiously waiting for their final decision. After all, the conference had gone too long than expected and no one was ready to wait further. But whatever the decision was going to be, a big change was on the cards. Occasionally their conversation used to stop for a second and then resume again. No one was sure, for they were worried about the unforeseen ramifications. On the contrary, we were convinced that Plan A was going to work.


After discussing for 15 long minutes amongst themselves, Prajwal finally spoke.

“We have made a decision.”

‘Finally!’ Abhishek mocked silently under his breath who was sitting beside me. No one heard him.

“That’s good news. What is it?” I asked.

“Well, based on your analysis and our own views, we have decided to go ahead with ….” Prajwal stopped.

Two seconds of silence that followed was unbearable. Surely he was playing with us.

“Would you please bother yourself and let us know your decision?” I tried to sound polite by hiding my petulance.

“We have decided to go ahead with Plan A as proposed by you three”, Prajwal finally said.

“Thank God! You agreed with us. If you still have any more inhibitions about it, take them out of your minds. It’s definitely going to work. Trust us”, Abhishek tried to appease them who still looked unconvinced.

“Look. We have taken one hell of a risk. Should anything go wrong; you three must take the entire responsibility”, Naveen said.

“Don’t worry. We will. But I’m sure you won’t be disappointed with this decision. The result will be lucrative for all of us”, Shekhar said.

The three of them looked at each other and nodded.

“So cool beans?” I asked.

“Oh yeah. Cool beans!” Naveen said and the remaining two repeated the same.

All of us shook hands with each other and heaved a huge sigh of relief and looked relaxed. It really felt good to clear the hot air between us. Finally, after coming out of that imbroglio, we were in a much lighter mood. The decision was made. And a final thing remained – its ‘execution.’


After relaxing for few more minutes, Prajwal, Naveen and Siddharth got up and headed towards the door. Siddharth stopped, turned and said:

“Ok animals! Let’s hit Aruna theatre at 5pm sharp.”

“Ok then. 5pm sharp. Let’s leave the hostel at 4.30”, Abhishek said and we nodded.

“Done! See ya soon. Ta ta. Let’s just hope this so-called perfectionist’s movie is better than the one proposed by us”, Siddharth warned us in a sophisticated way and the three animals barged out of our room.

“Thank heavens; they agreed to go ahead with Plan A. If they hadn’t, our chances of taking the risk of spending 100 bucks and three precious hours watching a lousy love story would’ve been more. I wonder how they even come up with such senseless, risky and scary plans, guys!” I said mockingly, and my two roomies nodded with a wicked smile.

********************The End********************

Copyright © Karthik 2009

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