Bikini Fictions


First of its kind in the world of blogging, and also in the world of fiction; I present to you, without further ado – The Bikini Fictions.



Genre: Romance

He winked, she smiled, and the baby cried.


Genre: Comedy

A girl loved a boy sincerely.


Genre: Tragedy

A boy loved a girl sincerely.


Genre: Vengeance

Moosa killed a man. But little did he know that the man had a young ten year old son. Fifteen years later the police found Moosa’s mutilated body in his bedroom.


Genre: Action

Tuco and Blondie stood in front of each other, ready to have a hand-to-hand combat. Tuco showed his martial art moves once and punched Blondie, who wasn’t ready yet, in the face. His nose started bleeding. He wiped the blood off his face nonchalantly, took out his snub .38 from his ankle holster and shot Tuco in the chest. Game over.


Genre: Thriller

The end came upon the world and everyone died, except for Danny. And when he was sitting in his easy chair in the middle of his drawing room, deep in thought, his phone rang.


Genre: Horror

After having a heavy drink in the bar, Rajiv decided to walk back home. It was almost eleven in the night and a fellow drinker accompanied him. Some time later, the man asked Rajiv, “Do you believe in ghosts?” to which Rajiv, in his drunken stupor, replied, “Not at all.” Rajiv then asked the same question to his drinking partner, to which the man replied, “Yes of course. After all, one should believe in oneself.” Rajiv stopped walking. He wasn’t drunk anymore. “Oh, no,” said he. Those were his last words.


Genre: Reincarnation

Dr. Vishnuvardhan, a legendary Kannada film actor, died of heart attack. The next day, in Shimla, a woman gave birth to a baby boy. Three years later, the boy declared that he wanted to act in Kannada films, and he also said that he had a wife by name Bharati. His elder brother, Raj, was just too happy.

P.S. Dr. Raj is another legendary actor who passed away a couple of years ago.


Genre: Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD)

It was only when Mary had reached the age of 18 that she met with Pinky and Roopa. But the latter two never got along well with each other. One day, in a fit of rage, Pinky strangled Roopa to death, and all the three girls died.


Genre: Twist in the tale

Romeo spent the first 18 years of his life having loads of fun. And then he decided to take engineering.


Genre: Drama

A woman gave birth to a baby girl. The baby soon grew up to be a kid, then became a teenager, then a woman, then a middle aged woman, then an old woman, and then, she finally died.


Genre: Suspense

A girl got pregnant. No one could ever find out the boy who got her pregnant, including the girl herself.


And finally, the shortest wishing:


Copyright © Karthik 2009

Comments (52)

Happy new year!
It was good. Lots of drama and everything. :)

Genre: Drama - hmmm...any drama in this must be there because the key character is female - ooops not to PC

I loved _Action_ and _Thriller. (they happen to be my fav genre anyways)

awesome concept... would you mind if i try it too, at my blog?

Happy New Year Karthik :)

Lol...that was too good. ROFl @ vengeance :D
And a girl loves guy sincerely is comedy? And the other way round it's tragedy? Ok, I don't have valid points to argue on that one! :D

A very, very happy new year to you! :)

super stuff

Happy New Year to you too. I'm glad you liked it. :-)

You are absolutely right, sir. There will be a lot of drama when the protagonist is a woman. :D

Thanks a lot, Chhaya. I'm happy you liked it. Thriller and action are my favourite genres too.
And sure you can try on your blog. Would love to read them. :-)
Happy New Year!

Destiny's child,
Ha ha.. :D I'm very glad you liked them. :-)
And about comedy and tragedy, well, I too don't have any explanations to argue on these. :D
Happy New Year!

Uncommon Sense,
Thank you.

:D :D. Searching for superlatives. Loved each one of them. marvelous.

Happy New Year..It was fun reading all that :)

cool one... Happy New Yr!!!!

Iam speechless! Amazing Karthik! Best thing ever!
Kudos and more kudos!

Awesome! My vote goes to romance, comedy n drama. As for comedy n tragedy.. ahem ..ahem ;)

The most shortest and variety of stories I have come across ..The tragedy and comedy should be swapped :P lolz..nyways njoyed reading it :) n Happy New Year :)

The Holy Lama,
Thank you so much. Very happy you liked them. :-)

Thanks. Happy New Year!

Thanks. Happy New Year!

Thanks a lot. Glad you liked them. :-)

Thank you so much, Ms. Lovely Eyes. I'm happy you liked them. And as far as comedy and tragedy go, well, aaa... ummm.. ahem! :D

Thanks a bunch. I'm glad you liked the idea. Did you say comedy and tragedy should be swapped? Naaaah.. they are just fine. :-)
Happy New Year!

wah Karthik...!!!
Masttt post...What a beginning of the year!!
A concoction of all tastes to satisfy the needs of all...Superb!!!

Loved each and every one to the core,...
N Hope u have a gr8 2010!!

Hmm.. so what makes u think girls can't love sincerely while guys can..?? u MCP :-P

Loved the twist in the tale - "... and then he decided to take engineering." hehehehahawhawhaw.. Superb start to the New Year. Have a superb year ahead.

You have given a lovely NEW YEAR' gift to your readers K! A.W.E.S.O.M.E. is an adjective that seems so less to describe this new innovative idea you have come up with! Keep it up! Way to go! Have a fantastic year ahead with full of creative ideas!! HNY!

Wow! A series of flash fictions... all of them make for a good read :)

A possibly apocryphal story about a six-word flash allegedly penned by Ernest Hemingway: "For sale: baby shoes, never worn."

P.S. Hope you'll write some 55er, 77er, 69er, dribble or maybe a drabble.

P.P.S. For more info look under the label 'Micro-fiction/Flash-fiction' on my blog.

Here's wishing you a very Happy, Safe, Wonderful and Prosperous New Year!!!

:-) Thank you so much, Jaunty. You are always encouraging. I'm happy.
And thanks a lot for the wishes. You too have a great year ahead.

Didn't you read the heading? "Fiction." Anything can happen in fiction, right? :P :P
Haha.. I too liked the twist in the tale. :D
Thank you so much, Meenakshi. You too have a great 2010.

Thanks a million, Rock! That was a tremendous compliment. I'm damn glad you liked it. Thanks for the wishes again. Have a successful and happy year ahead! :-)

Whoa!! That was awesome. Ernest Hemingway's flash fiction, I mean. Had never heard of it. Thanks for sharing.
I usually write flash fictions like these or 55ers when I am busy and don't have much time to write lengthy ones. Talking of which I'm not a fan of flash fictions. I prefer short stories.
I shall check out your flash fictions for sure. Didn't know you wrote fictions too. Eager to read. :-)

Thank you so much for the wishes. Happy New Year to you too. Have a great year ahead! :-)

it was really good man..thriller was awesum,cant ignore d comedy as well..bikini fictions...lollll..

Indeed this was the first of its kind.
You have really done a brilliant job.Loved Romance, Multiple Personality Disorder and Twist in the Tale.
But that comedy was not at all comic.
Don't tell me you have such a bad opinion of girls!

great ones Karthik...difficult to select which one was better..and what is HNY???

ohhhhhhh dumb me...happy new year to u too :D

wow!! awesome post..
this was sheer brilliance my comrade :)

Brilliant! :D hard to choose my favorite. keep them coming :)

Thanks a lot, man. Thriller is my favourite too.

Thank you so much for liking the idea.
Comedy was not comic? lol.. :D It's just a story and as I always say, anything can happen in a story. :P
And hell no! I'm not a MC. It was aaaaallll just for fun. :-)

Thank you so much, Nehatrix!
And HNY = Happy New Year!
Oh, seems like you've already got it right. lol.... :-)

Thanks a bunch, dude. I appreciate it. :-)

Thank you kanri. :-)
And yeah, lot more to come. :-)

hahahah! Good ones! The anticlimactic ones were gems!

An awesome attempt. Though they were all well done, my personal favourites were Horror and MPD. You inspire me. I think I should also try this (like Chhaya will) :-).

Hm.....really interesting..just that after reading ur horror story, I burst out laughing..i dont know y it happens wit hme but really m nt terrified or rather horrified by horror movies or stories...

Liked ur tales of tragedy, twist i nthe tale n thriller... In fact all were really creative... :)

n ohh Suspense.... i dont knw wat to comment abt it..... ;)

HAppy new year..hv a wonderful yr ahead.. . :)

Dear Karthik, well I guess the feminist in me reacted too sharply to that.But then all is fair in fiction and love.:)

Welcome to Eloquence Redefined.
Thanks a lot, man. Glad you liked them.

Thank you so much. I'm happy you liked the concept. These things come up when there is no much time to write new/lengthy posts. :-)
And yeah, do try them. Would be eager and glad to read them. :-)

Horror movies don't scare you? Me neither. But I love that gravity and effect they create.
Thank you so much. I'm happy you liked them all.
And even I don't want to comment on the 'suspense' fiction. :P
Happy New year to you too. Have a great year ahead. :-)

Heyy, don't worry about it. I wrote it in good humour as you know. Then again, I might write such things in the future as well, you know, the usual, mocking girlie things and all. They shall be in good humour too. :D
And yeah, as you said, all's fair in love and Karthik's fiction. :-)

well.. it was just like time-pass...

srry to say.. expectation was too high perhaps :P

some of the genre are repeated from your previous work..

but still, like always, ur narrative was excellent

genre: appreciation

awesome name 'Bikini Fiction'...wow...
my favorite were MPD and comedy...might try them myself sometime...

You covered it all boy!!

Super!! Enjoyed it...All in one..

Happy happy new year :-)

I know expectations are too high.
These kinda things come when I'm busy and my head is blank. :D
On the contrary, can't really churn out thrillers all the time, can I?
Will soon come up with a story.
Thanks a lot! :-)

Welcome to Eloquence Redefined.
Haha.. Yeah, Bikini Fictions sounds good.
Thanks a lot, man. I'm glad you liked them. I appreciate it.

Look who's back!
Thank you so much. I'm happy you enjoyed them.
Happy New Year! Have a great year ahead. :-)

@Roshmi : that was indeed written by Hemmingway. its considered to be the best short story ever :)

Hey you've given me so many ideas. Brilliant post. Coming up with one is talent. Coming with so many is just super.

Hope to see more. :)

the multiple personality disorder was too hillarious.. I literally gave out a big laugh in my office. You almost got me kicked out of my job.(Angel in me: thats not his fault, you should have been working and not blog surfing)

good going mate... Kudos !

Once again amazing work.
However "Comedy" should be renamed "Sarcasm" :-)

Wishing you a very happy and prosperous new year 2010.

Thank you so much, Ajai. That was a great compliment indeed. I'm super elated. Well, yeah, lot more to come. Keep visiting! :-)

Welcome to Eloquence Redefined.
MPD fiction made you laugh?? Dude, that was supposed to be a serious one. lol... :D Just kidding. :-)
Thanks a lot!

Thank you so much, Sivi.
Actually, everything in this post is sarcasm, not just comedy. :p
Happy New Year to you too! Have a great year ahead. :-)

Wow! How awesome was this! Kudos!
My personal favs: Thriller, Vengeance and MPD! :)

Thank you so much, Ashley. Those three are my favourites too. :)

I read two or three before, like Tragedy and Comedy.

But the rest were good :)
The best being Vengeance and Twist in the tale :D

Precis writing?? I think I know most of their longer versions! Good ones!! :D :D

Thanks a lot, man. Glad you enjoyed. :)

I'm sure you know their longer versions. Thanks. :-)

wow dude..

i am first time on your blog and i am dam impressed...awsome...n this one just amazing creativity :P :D

Welcome to Eloquence Redefined, Tweety. :)
Thank you so very much. I'm glad you liked my little attempt. :)

u r a genius... mpd, horror, vengeance were my pick.. come to think of it, reincarnation, twist in the tale were gr8 too... heck, they were all gr8...

kudos dude... hats off to u...

Haha... Thanks a bunch, dude. Glad you enjoyed them. And I really appreciate your going through my older posts. Thanks again.

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