If I were a baby again

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Funny how some wishes come true sometimes.

My friend and I were having coffee in a café. The place was packed with people – both young and old. Just a couple of tables away from ours, a woman was sitting with her baby. It was the most beautiful baby I’d ever seen. Well, aren’t all babies beautiful? A few minutes later, a girl walked into the café, and now my attention turned towards the babe. She came and sat in front of the woman. The baby smiled and gladly went into the arms of the girl who in turn started kissing and cuddling it. I was so jealous!

“I wish I were a baby,” I said, not taking my eyes off the babe and the baby.

“What would you do if you were a baby?” my friend said flippantly, sipping his coffee.

I looked him in the eye, smiled naughtily and said, “Trust me, dude. You haven’t the vaguest idea what I’d do if I were a baby again…”


That night I slept like I’d never slept before. It was the most peaceful sleep I’d had in years and my dreams were filled with angels and butterflies and magic. When I woke up in the morning, I was still smiling. I opened my eyes to see two pairs of smiling eyes looking at me. I noticed something strange – my mother and granny were looking at least 20 years younger. It was only when my mother took her in her arms that I realized I was a baby – again.

What?! I meant it as a joke at the café yesterday. Has that wish come true? Oh, my god! What am I gonna do now? Wait a second. Am I really a baby again?

“Oh, he’s such a beautiful boy!” My granny exclaimed as my mother kissed my forehead.

Oh, yes, I am a baby again.

I rubbed my eyes and saw the clock on the wall. It was 8.30 am. Normally my mother would yell at me if I ever slept until 7, but now she was happily cuddling me in her arms. Are baby days really that good? I marveled. I then remembered my conversation with my friend. ‘Trust me, dude. You haven’t the vaguest idea what I’d do if I were a baby again.’ Well, it was time to take advantage of my wish that had come true during the strangest period of my life.


I was put back in the crib after my granny and mother were done with my ablutions. My dad came and picked me up proudly like King Mufasa picked up young Simba in The Lion King. My mother joined the party and I giggled joyfully as I was getting all the attention in the world. My parents said in chorus, “Happy Birthday, darling!” Well, I was one year old.

I was enjoying each and every little thing that was happening around me – something that I found strange. Maybe because I knew I wouldn’t enjoy those little things in the future.

I found tremendous joy in doing nothing. I was happy all the time. I didn’t have any expectations. And most importantly I didn’t know so many things. Trust me, it was a boon.

I didn’t know there was something called hatred, I didn’t know there was something called sin; when I looked at the stars at night with my wide, inquisitive eyes, while sitting on my mother’s lap, I wondered how to get hold of them as little did I know that there was something called ‘Impossible.’

I didn’t know anything about ‘will power’ when I took my first steps. I just wanted to do it and I did. I was never worried about my failures as I didn’t know the meaning of ‘failure.’ I didn’t fear anything, because I didn’t know ‘fear’ existed. I always did what I wanted to do without worrying about others’ opinions about me. I sang, I rejoiced, I cried, I laughed, I dreamed without any limitations – I found happiness in everything I did and in everything I experienced.


My mother left me on the floor for myself and went inside. I saw a pair of ants that were floundering to carry a small crystal of sugar. That was happening right in front of my eyes and I clapped my hands and laughed as a drop of my saliva fell on the floor. Moments later I heard the chirping of the birds and lifted my head. In the left corner of the room I saw two sparrows fluttering their wings and making delicious sounds. They had somehow found a way into our house. I laughed happily and waggled my body in sheer pleasure. But that pleasure didn’t last as the house maid came and shooed them away. I looked at her, widening my eyes. She smiled at me and started sweeping the floor. I really couldn’t control my anger when she swept the ants off the floor. I cried at the top of my voice, with tears welling up in my eyes. She was flabbergasted. My mother came running and lifted me up.

“What happened?” she asked the maid.

“I don’t know, madam,” she said, giving a confused glance.

I continued crying and I bet she’d have left the job if she had known what I was saying to her in my encrypted baby language.

My mother took me outside and I stopped crying the moment I saw a puppy outside the gate.

“Do you want a puppy to play with?” my mother asked.

I just wrapped my hands around her neck and laughed heartily. I don’t know why, but I was finding extreme joy in such little things of life. This is one aspect I knew I would certainly miss in the future.

A few minutes later she took me to a small park that was just beside our house. Little kids who were slightly older than I were playing around and it was a treat to watch: they ran, they hopped, they shouted, they screamed, they yelled, they laughed, and they fell, lifted themselves up and ran again.

My mother sat on a small stone bench and placed me beside her. I didn’t mind. I started looking around. Every little thing around me had a charm of its own. I was awed! Some time later a yellow coloured butterfly came fluttering in front of me. “Oooooooo,” I made a joyful sound, lifting my hands up in the air. It whirred and fluttered away from me. I was pretty disappointed. It was no where to be seen. Moments later it came again and this time I tried to catch it, but little did I know that catching a butterfly could be difficult. When it came for the third time, I didn’t do anything stupid. I just looked at it and smiled. It made a quick circle around me and sat on my shoulders. I was so happy I laughed and clapped and made joyful sounds. My mother was surprised.

“What’s the matter, my boy?” she said with a smile and picked me up.

The butterfly was nowhere near me now, but I was still happy.


Later in the evening, relatives and family friends started pouring in for my birthday party. Pretty girls came and lifted me up and kissed me. And I kissed them back. My mother brought the birthday cake and placed it on the table. Its bright colours attracted me so much I wanted to grab it before anyone could take it away from me like the house maid did in the morning. My mother sat me on a small red chair and made me blow the candle. Everyone sang and clapped. Then she put the handle of the knife in my hand and made me cut the cake.

I was watching everyone silently. It was time to have my vengeance for the crimes they would commit in the future. There was a certain Mr. Bharadwaj, my father’s colleague who also had a one year old son. He would criticize me sometime after 15 years by comparing his son’s 10th std marks with mine, which would make my father go mad at me.

There was a certain Ms. Rekha who would stop my mother from sending me on a trip to Bombay with my friends 16 years later. And there was my uncle who would stop my father from buying me a Yamaha, and in turn convince him into buying me Hero Honda Splendour. All because he would be opening a Hero Honda showroom 10 years later and I’d start going to college in that bike 17 years from now.

These three people were on the top of my list.

So I peed on Mr. Bharadwaj, bit Ms. Rekha’s cheek, and cried at the top of my voice every time my uncle came to pick me up, which made him look like a pathetic loser in front of everyone.

There was also Mr. and Mrs. Raghupati, who would influence my parents in forcing me to take biology in Pre University against my wishes, but I decided to forgive them as I would be having a crush on their daughter in the future.

The ladies retired to the kitchen, the gents went outside and sat in the porch, and I was left to play with the kids. One of the kids opened one of my birthday presents. It was a box of colour pencils. He took a piece of paper and started drawing a house. He got bored with it soon and left the paper and pencil on the floor and went in search of his mother. No sooner had I picked up the pencil than my mother came to me.

“Sorry to have left you alone, darling,” she said, picking me up.

“Your son seems to be interested in writing,” said one of the aunties when she saw me holding the pencil.

“Maybe he’ll become a writer someday,” said another.


I didn’t know whether I’d become a writer, but I was sure of becoming a blogger.

“Oh, come on. He’s just celebrated his 1st birthday. He has a lot of time to decide on his career,” my mother said.

“You don’t know, Tara. You don’t know how fast they grow up,” said one of the older aunties. She then snapped her fingers and said, “Just like that.”


I was put in the crib later that night and I slept. But this time my sleep was hampered with so many weird dreams, or should I call them nightmares? I was running away from something I was not sure of. No more angels, no more magic, and certainly no more butterflies.

When I woke up I found myself on the bed, with my little brother sleeping beside me.

“Aren’t you going to get up today? It’s already 6.30,” I heard my mother shouting from the kitchen.

I lay on the bed, with my eyes open. It wasn’t a dream, all right. It was real. But I won’t try to convince you if you don’t believe me.

There was so much fun. Every moment was worth enjoying. There was no tension or pressure of any kind. I neither worried about tomorrow nor fretted about yesterday. The fear of failure I have now never existed in my baby days.

In retrospect one thing that stands apart is the butterfly incident that happened in the park. I now understand that success and happiness and pleasures of life are like butterflies; the more you chase them, the more they evade you. Just stand still and do your job. And they will come and sit on your shoulders.

Like me, should anyone of you get a chance to become a baby again, just try and remember every little thing you do in your baby days, because those little things might just be the solutions to your problems in the future – no matter how complex they are.

********************The End********************

Copyright © Karthik 2009

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Comments (54)

cute writeup..brought a smile to my face :)

Nice! you write really well...

i liked your writing style very much. An interesting way of putting things down what you would have done if you were a baby again

Superbly written , every little thing has been beautifully engraved in words ...But i felt a bit odd when you are aware of your transformation ;) and still enjoy your 1st birthday..its actually very hard you see!!!

Well written; made for an engaging read. After all, it's not a bad idea to be a baby again for a day and have complete freedom to take your little revenge for incidents that are going to happen to you in the future... :-)

And, who on earth will gift color pencils to a 1 year old?? .... :-)

Hey karthik, the dream was awesome.. Peeing on your father's colleague was wicked.. good one

Oh that was a longg post!!!
But very enjoyable indeed!!! :-) Especially the peeing thing.. Even i wrote about it on my blog... Seems everyone thinks that children pee to take revenge :-P

A nice account of a day in baby Karthik's life :-)

Well written Karthik!! Expecting more of it. Good narration :-) Especially the first para where the you wish to be the baby in hands of the babe, it gave me a feel of Deja Vu stating the same thing to my friend a few years back! Good one :-)

@ April
Thank you. Glad it brought a smile on your face. :-)

@ Psych Babbler
Thank you.

@ Prashant Mehta
Thanks a lot. That was a nice compliment.

@ adreamygal
Thank you so much. I'm all smiles now. It was quite odd, did you say? Well, I'm a story teller, you know. And anything can happen in a story. :P Thanks again! :-)

@ Talking skull
Talking skull???? Never mind. I'll figure it out when I visit your blog. :D
Thank you so much for reading. I'm glad it held your attention. And yeah, it really is a wonderful thing to become a baby again.
Gifting colour pencils for a one year old is weird? Well, sample this: last month I'd been to a birthday party of a 2yr old girl with my mother. The gifts she got were, Harry Potter books, Painting set, and also a perfume bottle. :P
What do you say for this? No words, huh? I knew. :D
Anyways, thanks again.

@ Rajalakshmi Umapathy
Hey that wasn't a dream. Damn! Why don't people believe me?
Anyways, glad you liked it. Thanks!

@ Niharika
Children pee to take revenge? lol... :D
Thank you so much for reading and I'm happy that you liked it.

@ Madhu
Yeah, that's right. :-)

I must say here Karthik..
u are a great narrator and these are the words of a person who calls himself a skeptical observer..

Hehe cutie cutie post:)a nice soft read:)

@ sihys
Thanks a bunch, dude. I appreciate it. Deja vu? I bet you felt it. :P

@ Rahul
Thank you so much, man. That coming from a great narrator himself means a lot to me.

@ Divsi
Thank you. Glad it made you smile. :-)

Well narrated K! Baby and babe huh? That's why they say, "Boys will be boys!"...By the way good luck with the Blog-a-ton contest...hope you win.


very well written, it was a good read,

you have a very impressive writing style
good post

Cuuuteee...!!Wish I could be a baby again...the ease with which you have described the life of a baby is commendable...coz once we grow up...all the innocence is lost but u managed to maintain it in ur post...n the whole post is great man...Loads of Luck!!!

Butterfly thing was goooood!
Liked the whole of the idea and the write up was goood too.

The story was superbly executed...
I loved the part
...as little did I know that there was something called ‘Impossible.’...
...I didn’t know the meaning of ‘failure.’ I didn’t fear anything, because I didn’t know ‘fear’ existed...
...I found happiness in everything I did and in everything I experienced...
Beautiful lines that drive right to the very heart of the topic.
Keep writing such great fiction

@ Raksha
Oh, yeah. Boys will always be boys! :D
Thanks a lot for the wishes! I'm all smiles. :-)

@ Harsha

@ Chetan
Thanks Chetan. I appreciate it.

@ Anima
That was a great compliment. :-)
Thank you so much for the wishes.

@ Archana
Glad you liked it. Thanks a bunch.

@ ARJuna
Thanks a million, Arjuna. I'm really glad the post struck the right chord with you.
That was a wonderful compliment. Thanks again.

nicely written....even the thought of being babay again brings smile to ones face....keep writing!!

a gud one .... me too a really dreamy person ... love these detailed dreams (ohk ohk it was real :P)

nice write up karthik...beautifully narrated...n the coffee shop thing, u have written earlier..:P though this was slightly different, for the babe was not arrogant na :D

its THE BEST write up of yours till date buddy!!!!
i just loved it....
you will win for sure...

That was a nice read. I loved the way you have written. Beautiful :)

Hi karthik... thanks for visiting my blog.. and never knew such a good writer has visited my blog until i read this post... really good one bro... very well expressed and narrated...
good one karthik..i liked it very much...

all the best for blog-a-ton..

Good post Nice read

The narration was very nice ....it was long but still read it till end.... if you really remember what you did as a baby its great because most babies forget we only can capture them in camera and keep it for future like parents of today do... GBs of data for the baby to remember :D

Dang - I better be careful what I say in the coffee shop. My hands are beginning to sweat. Its bed time and now I am afraid to turnout the light. Yikees!!!

@ pushpee
You are right. Just the thought of babies bring smile on our faces, let alone we becoming one. :-)
Thank you so much. Glad you liked it.

@ Naveen
Dream?? Not again.. :P
Thanks anyway.

@ Neha
Thank you so very much. :-)
Well, coffee shop is a setting I use in most of my stories, coz' it's always nice to start something with a cup of hot coffee, you see. :-) And yeah, the babe was not arrogant. :P

@ Tanmaya
Whoa! Thanks a million. That was a tremendous compliment. :-)

@ evanescentthoughs
Thank you so much. Glad you liked it. :-)

@ Shankar
Yo! Thanks a bunch, man. That was a huge compliment. Nice to know you liked it. All the best to you too! :-)

@ Saimanohar
Thank you very much.

@ Dhiman
Thank you so much. I really appreciate it. :-)
By the way, I don't remember anything from my baby days, dude. It was pure fiction. :P

@ Grayquill
Ha ha.. :D
Yeah, you better be careful what you say in the coffee shop. Your wish might just come true. :-)
Thanks for reading.

Which was that coffee shop? They can advertise... :)

You continue to impress and surprise me! :) U r just getting better and better...

I am now convinced... U hav a gr8 taste for observation and gr8 skill for imagination... u will surely do well as an author of fiction writing.. am actually feeling gr8 to see talented indian writers.. most fiction/fantasy stories i read are foreign authors...

am just hoping that u will do India proud :)

and yeah, I was just in awe by the way you related baby's behaviour with their thinking :) real gr8..

hats off :) :)

keep writing..

and all the best for "blog-a-ton" :)

Excellent piece!
had a nice connected feel through out the story, keep writing, "writer" :D

Revenge is so sweet right! heehee.. lovely post. Especially the butterflies explanation.

True indeed. We only have to look for there are so many little things in life that are the source of joy and inspiration!.

A very long one to catch up..
"I continued crying and I bet she’d have left the job if she had known what I was saying to her in my encrypted baby "
Liked this part the best..Kudos to you for imagining the tiny things if life :)

are u the same karthik with the smiley face? if yes , then your writing has undergone like a supreme change :)

aaah i wish my baby days were back again . its so peaceful to sleep like a baby :) your memories are very accurate .. and kinda made me feel very nostalgic .

Awesome dream Karthik! I loved ur writing style very much! But it was a bit lengthy!

When I started reading it, I wondered why you write such long stories, but now I wish you had written a bigger one. It was so very good and with a nice message.
Write more. :)

@ aativas
They can surely do. :-)

@ Sundeep
Phew! Such a huge huge huge compliment?! You certainly made my day. I know I'm quite ok at writing, but Sundeep, you put me on top. I humbly hope I'll be everything you've wished me. It was very touching. Thank you so much. :-)

@ Murali
Thanks a lot, dude. Glad you liked it. "Writer?" Oh! Thanks again! :-)

@ Rohini
Yeah, right. Revenge sometimes can be sweet. :-)
I'm happy you liked it.

@ Daisy Blue
Thanks a bunch! It feels great. :-)

@ I'll try 2 be truthful
Am I the same Karthik with the smiley face? I didn't get you. Did you mean the profile pic? If yes, then I've not changed it since I started blogging.
And the post made you feel nostalgic? I'm so glad. Thanks a lot. :-)

@ Shruti
Thank you very much. But you know, it wasn't a dream. :P
Was it lengthy? Well, I can't help it. My posts are usually lengthy. :-)

@ Nethra
Thank you so much. :-)
Long story? It is the shortest I've written. :P You know, I could've even dragged it to a 10,000 word story. :-)
I'm so glad you liked it. Thanks again.

Hmmmm..a very long post :) But enjoyed reading it.

Be it the babe in the restaurant for whom u wished to be a baby again, or for mother and granny.
Be it King mufasa of the Lion king.... you did a good job in portraying what you wanted to say for the theme..

Very good :)


Dear Karthik, that's a nice post. Has a good moral in the end. I loved it!

@ Mahesh
Thanks, dude. I'm really glad you liked and enjoyed it. :-)

@ Neeraj
Thanks a lot. I'm happy you liked it. :-)

Great Imagination with wonderful narration and creative storyline.

'''encrypted baby language.
I was finding extreme joy in such little things of life''''' loved these lines.
I liked the way it started.
I liked it in parts but i dont know i felt something is missing when i connect those parts. I really dont know....
Keep writing :)

As a baby, u didn't know of hatred or will pwer bt u knew tht u mst kiss a babe.. boys will be boys.. lol
nd yeah nice revengful baby ;)
Very nice story Kathik.. Many othr blogatonics hav written similar things bt u hav nicely arranged thm in an intrsting story with many new anecdotes. Keep writing :)

@ Mahesh Kalaal
Welcome to Eloquence Redefined.
Thanks a lot for such wonderful compliments. It feels great. :-)

@ Vipul
Welcome to Eloquence Redefined.
Oh, yeah. You are absolutely right. Boys will be boys. :P
I'm really glad you found it interesting. Thanks very much. :-)

Have you ever considered writing for other than your blog? You have some talent and yours is one of the blogs I really enjoy reading. I liked almost all your stories. Scrap me on orkut if you feel of writing a novel or something.
Cheers!!! :)

Yeah I do. Blogger is one of the tools I'm using to hone my writing skills. (the other one being MS Word) :P
As of now I'm practicing writing. Still have a long way to go before I start my novel, and yes; I'm very serious about it.
Thank you so much. That was a great compliment. It means a lot to me.
I shall contact you on Orkut soon.
Thanks again. :-)

you are a fantastic narrator..dude..that was really something..
loved it

@ Sorcerer
Thanks a lot, dude. I'm very glad you liked it.

I wish I had the words to express how I loved that butterfly part. BEAUTIFUL!!

@ grace
Butterfly theory does make sense, doesn't it? Glad to know you agree with me. Thanks! :)

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