55 Fictions - 2


55 Fiction #3 – Treatment

Prashanth and Raj were having a serious argument.

“I’m gonna kill him this time, I swear,” said Prashanth.

“No, you can’t and even if you can, you shouldn’t,” said Raj.

“I can and I will. You doubt me? Look what I’m gonna do...”

The doctor held Prashanth aka Raj’s arm tightly and sedated him – again.


55 Fiction #4 – Justice

Preeti was found murdered in her apartment. Ramcharan, her husband, was devastated. The motive and the murderer were unknown.

Years later, Ramcharan, now a rich business man, appointed Pallavi as his personal secretary. Some months later he was found brutally murdered in his farmhouse. That day marked Preeti’s 25th death anniversary, and Pallavi’s 25th birthday.

Copyright © Karthik 2009

Comments (36)

really nice...i liked the 2nd one most... :D

nice attempts :)

They were nice. But, why do you write only about death. Hopefully, I will see a nice non-death story next time.
By the way, you are good at 55-fiction writing. :)

schizophrenia and reincarnation? wow karthik...both of them explained so very well and beautifully in 55 words...loved them...bus i just pray people get these, and not ask what do they mean...I will pray for this truly :)

Wow. Loved the first one. :-D Multiple personality disorder. Got reminded of Anniyan. In face I visualized Vikram's Ambi character as Prashant and Anniyan as Raj ..hehehehe

The second one, typical filmy...Good one

hey i did not understand both...

Both the stories were pretty good!
Hope to see more of these kind from you.

sorry, a mistake...i meant multiple personality disorder and not schizophrenia...

dude call me dumb but i got the gist of both after reading neha's comment!


@ Stupid fool
Gee! Thanks :-)

@ Anoop
Thanks dude. Glad you liked it. :-)

@ Nethra
Thank you! But I'm a bit surprised. I've not written much about death actually. This is just one of the two. Anyways, thanks again. :-)

@ Neha
Thank you so much. You've got it perfectly right. :-) I too hope everyone gets it right. :-)

@ Insignia
Anniyan, huh? He hee.. maybe :-)
I should've introduced Remo as well. What do you think? :P
By the way, both are filmy, and not only the second one. :P
Thank you very much. Glad you liked them. :-)

@ Tanmaya
Read them again. You'll understand. They are simple actually.

@ Archana
Thank you. Yup! More to come.

@ Saurabh
That's all right, dude. If you'd read it a second time, you'd have easily got it. :-)

Second one's like Bollywood! Retro ishtyle ;)
nice pieces!!

My wait was worth it K! Awesome :) Split personality and Reincarnation!! There are mega serials and movies made on the subject and here you are summing it up in 55 words!Good job! Liked both esp. the reincarnation bit.

u r at it again...
brilliantly done in 55 words :)

for 1st one:
though some here thought about Anniyan.. I recollected "Tell me your Dreams"...

2nd one I got it in 1st go.. but when I read it again, I thought the 1st line is misleading... the husband was "devastated" ? or was it intentional :P

keep writing :)

Thank you for visiting my blog, Karthik. Appreciate your comment.
Just managed to read a few lines on your blog... very well written, I must say! :-)


yup i did!!! did not use my head the first time!!! my bad...

@ Murali
Thanks a lot, man. :-)

@ Raksha
Thank you so much. :-)
Glad you liked them and very glad you got them right. :D

@ Sundeep
Oh, yeah, Tell me your dreams. But unlike the novel, my protagonists are males and not females. :P
And yes. In the second one, the line "The husband was devastated," was meant to mislead the readers. If I hadn't done that, the end effect wouldn't have been good.
Glad you liked them. Thank you so much. :-)

@ Smita
Welcome to Eloquence Redefined. Thanks a lot. Keep visiting. :-)

@ Tanmaya
Glad you got them this time.

Very well expressed in just 55 words...both were nice!!

Interesting blog u hav...definitely will visit again!! Really good stuff!!

nice ones...

Second one was inspired by rebirth haann..Om shanti om.... Or karzz?? :P :P

NIce concept..!!!

that was a masterpiece karthik!!:)
superb writing...loved the climax:)
followin yr blog now:))

p.s: glad u liked my write-up:) thankoo!

kip writin!

Nice ones! A good change from your longer posts. I really find it hard to write these short things. Just can't stop typing!

@ Nazish
Thank you so much, man. You made my day.

@ Urvashi
Thanks a lot. :-)
It's not inspired by either one. My protagonists are females, you see. Unlike the movies, not males. :P

@ Divsi
Masterpiece?? Did I hear the word properly?? Damn! That was a huge compliment. :D
Thanks a million. :-)

@ Pappu
Same here, man. It's difficult for me to write short write-ups as well. These were for a change.
Thanks a lot!

only one word : interesting !!

Thanks Naveen.

I'm not a big fan of 55F but this packed the punch . A very good one !

Thank you so much, sir. As a matter of fact, I too am not a fan of 55 fiction. I write them when I don't have much time. :P

nice :) i liked the play of duality and singlarity quite a bit

I am gradually but with all certainity falling for your 55 fictions :-) Cannot wait for the next set.

Seen u commenting at Divsi's blog and jumped right away :)

must tell you this attempt at fiction 55 is mind blowing..

It is very unexpected ending. damn.. wish i can write such deep fiction 55.

Do check the two attempts i did in the last week. Hope u do so :P

2nd wale mein mujhe doubts hai...pallavi kaun hai? preeti's new avatar? m getting confused... :(

@ Diwakar
Thank you. Glad you liked them. :-)

@ Sivi
Thank you so much. Hopefully I'll write them soon. :-)

@ Mahesh
That was a wonderful compliment. Thanks a bunch. :-)
To be extremely honest with you, 55 fiction is no big deal. You can certainly be good at it. Will tell you one funny little thing: if you've written a short story, just write the first and last line and tada! your 55 fiction is ready (of course with some editing and playing around). Write a few lines and leave a blank in the end for the readers to fill in, and you have your 'deep' 55 fiction ready. :D
Well, in the 2nd story, Preeti is reborn as Pallavi. You know 'Om Shanti Om' type - reincarnation.
Will certainly check out your stories soon.
Thanks again.

Whoa....thats very amusing..dint expected ;)

Thanks for visiting too :)

will keep a tab of ur blog from now :P

your stories always amuse me..
cool one

Thanks Sorcy. But seriously not good as your 55 versions. :P

Wow! Nice! I liked the 2nd one better. It could be the subject for an interesting short film.

Thanks a lot, Roshmi. :)
Short film, did you say? It's already filmi, don't you think? :)

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