55 Fictions - 1


55 Fiction #1 - Revelation

Tania didn’t want to stay in the new house anymore, no matter how hard her husband, Amit, tried to persuade her. Mr. Kumar was standing a few feet away from them, eavesdropping.

“Why, we are the only 2 people who live here, Tani.”

A flower pot fell on the ground.

Tania looked scared – yet again.


55 Fiction #2 - Decision

The meeting had gone for 2 hours, and the board of directors had finally come to a decision – a decision that would change the fate of the entertainment industry.

Shankar, one of the board members, got up and said:

“Ok, friends, we’ll go to Aamir Khan’s movie today.”

His hostel mates cum board members cheered.

Copyright © Karthik 2009

Comments (38)

1st one is nice...but dint get the 2nd one...
is it meant to b funny??or there s somethin else behind it???

wow, loved the variation...first one did create the effect and second one was hilarious...nice nice..write more pls :)

got the first one..
but a bit confused regarding the second one...
like anoop

Very good contrast.. ha ha...

Good ones..Liked the first one..!!!

@ Anoop
Thanks, dude.
Yeah, second one is meant to be funny. Read it again. You'll get it. :D
And by the way, I tried gray colour for the text as you suggested. But it looked a bit dull, Anoop. So didn't like it. :(

@ Neha
Thanks a million. :) Sure I'll write more.. :)

@ Rahul
It's simple, man. Read it again. I'm sure you'll get it.

@ sihys
Thanks a lot, dude. :)

@ Urvashi
Thank you so much.

Wow.. U showed in few words the horror effect! Nice!

Hey yaar, I couldnt understand the second one, explain plz...

nice... short and nice...

Nice fictions Like it..

Hmm second one was quite funny but it remains a bit ambiguous.Both stories are pretty good for your first time though :)
Write more.I too have posted a new 55-word fiction.Lemme know what you think and happy diwali :)

lol...the second one relates to one of the short stories u've written..isn't it??

For those who didn't understand the second one:
It's simple. They are college boys living in a hostel. Topic of discussion is, "Which movie shall we go today?" :D

@ Priyanka
Glad you liked it. Hope the second one is clear now.

@ Tanmaya

@ Difficult symbols
Thank you. :)

@ Samadrita
Thank you. :) Will read your 55 fiction soon. Happy Diwali to you too. :)

@ Anima
Eggjaactly! This one's a compressed form of the original one. :D

1st was gud .. spooky :D
2nd one aint a fiction ... its hardcore reality :P

Excellent posts with the spice of contrast.
I liked the tint of humor in the second post.
55 fiction is good fun for sure.

Keep up the good work and I'll be around for more soon.


Hey! The 1st one is brilliant.
The second one is cool..I remember reading a story based on these board meetings to decide which movie to watch :~P
Both are amazing though.

u r such a diffrent writer..few lines n ur job is done..awesum

ha ha..nice one!

@ Naveen
You are absolutely right, dude. It's hardcore reality. :P Thanks! :-)

@ Chatterbox
Thanks a lot. Keep visiting!

@ Archana
Yeah, you are right. It's based on one of my old stories, only this is in compressed form. :-) Thanks a lot!

@ Vineet
Thanks a million, dude. That was a great compliment. :-)

@ Sorcerer
Thanks, dude.

The first one was good.......real good!

second one was okay......so tell me what is it with you and the guys in a hostel? for me being one seems a reason good enough to ask ;)

Excellent ones!!! I got the humour part in 2nd one myself, though it was more clearer after u explained it in comments...
also, I wondered what "55 fiction" meant..
comments came to rescue once again...

kudos for this post.. keep writing more!! :)

PS: I follow ur blog, but y am I not getting email alerts? the other blog I follow gives me email alerts...

Now that's interesting concept I must say! Say all in 55 words! Needs a lot of cropping once the original plot is ready right??? Instant food/coffee and now stories! I liked both and understood the second one as well :P
Waiting for #3 and all the others due :)

@ Murali
Ironically I've never lived a hostel life. But it didn't stop me from making it my second home, as most of my friends stayed there. It's kinda fun really to observe the things that happen there. Trust me you haven't the vaguest idea what all stories I've written about hostel life - off the blog. :P
Thanks a lot! :-)

P.S. Read 'Clincher' if possible - the very first short story I posted on the blog.

@ Sundeep
Thank you so much, dude. :-) I'm glad you liked them. The second one was very simple, wasn't it? I don't know why some didn't understand it in the first reading. :)
By the way, did you mean you get updates on posts through e-mails or follow up comments? If you are not getting the updates about my blog on your dashboard, then do one thing: Stop following the blog, and then start following it again. You know, like restarting the computer. It may fix the problem. But I'm not sure. If it is about follow up comments, then I don't know about it.
Thanks again! :-)

@ Raksha
Ha ha.. :-) Right. It's like instant coffee. Glad you liked them and more glad you understood the second one. :P
Almost every blog I visit, there is a mention of 55 fiction. So I tried it myself and I must admit I didn't enjoy it much. It is too simple and didn't find it challenging. But I'll write more for sure.
Thanks again! :-)

only recently I came to know that dashboard gives the update... but, i do not visit my dashboard unless I hav to post one!! u see, i am rather ignorant on most of blog features...

what I meant was, getting email alerts on the posts of urs.. not on comments.. I follow another blog, which gives me an email alert whenever there is a new post.. (not comments..)

I would love if i can get email alert for ur blog too.. :)

and, yeah, 2nd one was rather easy to comprehend.. might be bcoz I hav read so many books!! :P but, it is simple enough :) and good one too! :)

Yeah, I thought so. There is an option to subscribe the follow up comments when you go to comment on a blog, which I found rather silly. I didn't know there could be an option to get e-mail alerts on updated blog posts. Well, after you told me I went through the settings and found that I can add up to 10 e-mail ids that get alerts on the updated posts. So kindly give me your e-mail id and let me add yours. Let's see if it works.
And Sundeep, thanks very much for showing so much interest in my blog. I feel honoured really. :-)

my id is:

and ur blog is one of the best I have come across!! so, it is rather good that I found ur blog :P :)

I've added it, Sundeep. :-) Hope you get the updates from next time..

And thanks a million, man. You made my day for sure.. :D

lovely!! loved the versatile variation...

divsi - welcome to Eloquence Redefined.
Thank you so much. Glad you liked it. :)

smart haa! very well written

Liked the first one. Spooky!!

@ oRange*
Thanks a lot! :-)

@ Insignia
Glad to know you liked it. :-)

Second one is hilarious...:) kind of bachcha party in college days..

First one samajh nahi aaya..may be i missed something :(

Very good attempts :) and thanks for the advices on that other post which you gave away :P


First one is a simple ghost story, Mahesh. There are actually three people in the house - the third one being the ghost. Simple.
Glad you liked. Thanks. :-)

I have already said... you are quite a storyteller.

Two 55-fictions... involving 2 entirely different emotions... at one go. Great!

Thank you so much, Roshmi. 55-fiction is not my favourite genre, but just gave it a shot. Glad you liked it. :-)

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