The Real(ity) Rapists

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A week ago I got the opportunity to watch a few episodes of ‘Byomkesh Bakshi,’ a TV serial that used to come in the early 90s. And boy was I rejuvenated? Certainly! I even got nostalgic since it brought back memories of my childhood. The opening music of the show (which still haunts me), the simple yet brilliant plots, dhoti clad Rajit Kapoor, his intelligence in solving cases, his dumb partner, and above all the show’s simplicity made it extremely loveable.

This was a time when we didn’t have cable connection; Doordarshan 1 was the only channel. Apart from Byomkesh Bakshi, we also had 'Malgudi Days,' Shekhar Suman’s ‘Reporter’ and ‘Dekh Bhai Dekh,’ and not to mention the silly yet entertaining ‘Chandrakanta’ and ‘Alif Laila.’ Doordarshan 1 also showed the generosity of telecasting US TV shows ‘Street Hawk’ and ‘Knight Rider.’

It was really a pleasure watching these shows. Apart from mere entertainment, they had some CONTENT in them.


Fast forward 15 years and all we see on TV are Rakhi ‘Silicone’ Sawant and her disciples at their best bestial behavior. Channels are loaded with such mindless crap. To name a few: Rakhi Sawant ka Swayamwar, MTV Roadies, MTV Splits villa, Big Boss, and the latest Sach Ka Samna and Iss Jungle Se Mujhe Bachao.

I’ve always believed that we humans have brains in our heads, but after watching these shows, I’m now forced to believe that there are some men out there whose brains are situated below their waists and women, below their necks. And voila! Everyone is desperately trying to prove that they are very brainy. So welcome them. Here come the brainiest people on earth!

These are the kinds of shows where you won’t find anything except the bitch fights. The topic everywhere seems to be the same: Who is the biggest bitch of the lot? And every girl tries her level best to prove that she is the one. ‘I’m the biggest bitch,’ yells one, to which the other responds, ‘You could be a bitch, but I’m a bitchy bitch.’ Another girl shouts at the top of her voice, ‘You both could be bitches, but I’m a bitchy whore.’ Another female is hell bent on proving her mettle, and screams, ‘Perhaps you don’t know me. You all could be bitches and whores, but I’m a bitchy whore with a slutty attitude.’ Now beat that. Well, no prizes for guessing. The last one is the winner! She gets the prize from the producers of the show and the TV viewer is mercilessly raped in the head. Do heads swell up after a few weeks? Sorry, guys! I haven’t any experience, for I’ve always taken care of my ‘izzat’ very well.

The following is a transcript of the conversation between Sambhavi and Ankita, the participants of MTV Roadies 5.0. This uncensored footage was leaked on You Tube before it was aired. Now don’t go searching for it, for it has already been removed.

Ankita: I’m not a f***ng slut like you, yaar. And I don’t need to sleep my way into the show... Mere baap ki condom ki dukaan nahin hai. Tere baap ki hogi…samjhi?

Shambhavi: Uski hai… uski Ayaaz...

Ankita: I saw Nihal’s hand inside your T-shirt, fu**ing you ask me…

Sambhavi: F##k off! (Arguing about a previous task where the boys were made to strip if the girls got GK answers wrong)

Ankita: Tera banda to sabse pehle nanga hua tha…mera baad mein nanga hua tha. Tu sabse pehle baith gayi thi. Tu toh khud hi nangi hone ko taiyaar hai sa**li ra**d, bolti kya hai mujhe… (inaudible)

Shambhavi: My mom is not a (inaudible)… She’s not a bitch

Ankita: My mom…?? When you said the stuff about what… I slept with Vikrant, what about my parents? Didn’t you think about that?

While this is going on, the boys watch them mutely as if thinking, ‘Who has a bigger mouth and who is the bigger bitch?’ After a few minutes of analyzing, he zeroes in on one. ‘Ok, she is the one and she is the perfect match for me. Why? Because, I am the biggest dog. Simple.’

Well, this might not be new to anybody who is reading this post, but I mentioned it only to remind you, just in case you are in a trance. If there are some Roadies fans here who claim that it’s all about adventure, I have news for you. Recently a 19 yr old girl, Krushnaa Patil, from Pune climbed the Mt. Everest. She became the youngest woman in the world to conquer the summit. Now, that’s something called adventure! And only through these kinds of activities should a woman prove that she is gutsier than most of the boys out there and not through some bitch fights on some rotten TV shows.

Now coming back to the topic of discussion:

It’s the same case with Splits Villa and Big Boss and Iss Jungle Se Mujhe Bachao. These things really don’t make any sense to me. I mean why the hell does anyone wants to see what happens in a Big Boss house? All you see are the conversations between the housemates regarding groceries and some crap; gossips and some emosional attyachar (I once committed a sin by watching a few minutes of an episode in which Monica Bedi cried and explained about her amazing adventures with Abu Salem. I literally fell sick after watching it and trust me, I had to consume two bottles of Dabur Chavanprash to get back to my normal health. In fact I do it every time I watch such things). And what a welcome did Shilpa Shetty get when she returned to India from UK! What, had she been to an expedition to Mars or something?

Talking about the most recent happenings, what the heck is all about Rakhi Sawant’s Swayamwar? Gosh! Is she trying to prove that she is a woman after all? Again, why does anyone should give a damn about her marriage? And why does the media blow it up as if she has brought name and fame to the country? Is it really that important? Now to put an icing on this stale cake, the show’s second season is coming up where Rakhi and Elesh Parujanwala (who has just been crowned as ‘the biggest dumb ass in the world’) are supposed to play Mother and Father to a child. Here is what Rakhi ‘I love to rape English’ Sawant has to say:

"I've a migraine problem. When a child cries, I get a severe headache. I don't know how I'll manage for a month with a stranger’s child. On top of that, I've to cook on the show. I can't cook to save my life.”

Ask her how she will cope when she has her own kids and Rakhi replies, "Apna bacchhaa to har koi paal leta hai, jaanwar bhi. I don't know how I'll cope. I think I'm going to lose my cool completely. So far people have only seen the good Rakhi Sawant. Now they'll see the real me. I can't even use makeup. Can you imagine Rakhi Sawant without makeup?"

Dabur Chavanprash, anyone? Gosh! Was Lord Brahma suffering from Swine Flu when he created her?!

Now, are the producers of ‘Iss Jungle Se Mujhe Bachao’ under the impression that their show is as good as the American TV series ‘Lost?’ Who are they kidding?

Talking about this show, this is what Chitrashi ‘Chak De’ Rawat, one of the junglees, has to say:

“I don’t understand why people are making a big issue out of it. Any damn channel you see is showing skin show and objectionable content, why target reality shows? What if they are showing people bathing, they are actually living that life. You don’t expect them to wear jeans and pants while taking a bath. They can’t help it; they are staying in a dirty jungle day and night. As far as use of abusive language goes, you tend to lose temper at times. I think a ‘beep’ should suffice. No big deal”

Dudes and dudettes, what shall we say to this? Chak De?!

Ok, sweetie. If you really want to show us how you bathe, why don’t you tape it and send it to us directly? We shall give you our address. If this is not a good idea, why don’t you simply upload it on You Tube? I’m sure that will make you famous and you’ll be famously called as Chitrashi Hilton. What say? And about losing temper and using abusive language; a beep would suffice, huh? Is there anything left to imagine? Do you think people would imagine the word ‘Luck’ whenever they hear a beep? Crazy immature bimbo! Grow up!

(On the contrary, I do agree that we get to see some ravishing babes in these kinds of shows, but their worst misdemeanours subjugate their beauty. And when do these moronic producers understand that if we really want to watch babes and not the show, we guys prefer Monica Bellucci or Megan Fox to Monica Bedi, and Salma Hayek to Shweta Tiwari? The day they realize this, trust me, they will start making some spectacular shows like Prison Break and 24. Oh, I’m being too optimistic, ain’t I? Too bad, you say? Sorry, it’s a childhood problem)

‘Satyameva Jayate.’ This is the caption for ‘Sach Ka Samna.’ The biggest joke on the face of the earth! Tell me, do we really want to know who is sleeping with whom? (Not to mention the number and the names associated with it) Do we really want to know whether Urvashi Dholakia was thrown out of the college because she became pregnant? Do we really want to know whether some retard middle aged aunty wants to have an extra marital affair? Don’t you think this is really outrageous?

And every time a moron gives some awfully irritating and embarrassing answer, Rajeev Khandelwal’s expression is like, ‘This is one crazy family, dude,’ or ‘Thank God, I’m the host and not the participant.’

When a participant admits to some hard facts, their family members’ expression is like, ‘What the ‘beep?’ If they really are so courageous and value the truth, why didn’t they say it to their family members before? Why do they have to do it on TV? And above all, why the hell do we want such shows? Are we in the right state of mind?

Let me not continue the discussion on Sach Ka Samna, for I’m afraid it’s going to be lengthier than Draupadi’s sari.


One of the primary reasons that prompted me to write this article is a little incident that happened a few days ago. I had been to one of my friends’ house. There I met his niece who was around 9-11 yrs old. She was lovely! I was having a heavenly time chatting with that cutie pie, and during the conversation I casually asked her what her favourite TV show was, to which she replied ‘Roadies.’ I was already getting worried when she dropped another bomb, “I also quite like the new show ‘Iss Jungle Se Mujhe Bachao.’ You know, they make them do so many crazy crazy things,” and started giggling. The way she said was damn cute, but what she said was definitely not. I was sick to my stomach. We certainly don’t want young kids to watch them, do we? Don’t you think kids are losing their innocence nowadays?

‘Fuck’ has become a synonym to ‘Attitude,’ courtesy is no longer considered as a good quality, but a weakness; good manners are out of fashion. TV is no longer considered as a means of getting news and entertainment. It’s all about reality now. Real fights, real back stabbings, real use of profanity, real bitching, real skin, real vulgarity, and real gratuitous violence. The centre of attraction of these shows is misbehavior and cruelty of participants. The issue of ‘Sach Ka Samna’ was taken up in Rajya Sahba recently and some MPs wanted to put a ban on it and took it to High Court, but the HC dismissed the petitions challenging its telecast and said, “Don’t like Sach Ka Samna? Then don’t watch.” HC can’t be blamed, of course. Putting a ban on it could be a violation of the Right to Speech and an assault on the freedom of media. No matter how much we rant about it, we cannot stop them from making such shows. It’s our responsibility to decide what to see and what not to see.

Under IPC section 376, whoever commits rape shall be imprisoned for not less than 7 years. Now tell me, is there any section under which the people are punished for raping the minds of younger generation?

It’s time to introspect, fellas. We may not be able to stop them, but at least let’s stop encouraging them.

Perhaps this is the real moment of truth. What say?


P.S. Instead of watching ‘Iss Jungle se crap,’ start downloading all the episodes from ‘Lost.’ There are babes, there is mystery, and there is lot of thrill and tension. Or better; watch Man vs. Wild on Discovery. It’s definitely worth it.

Copyright © Karthik 2009

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I still remember my Doordarshan days when i was in primary school. It's all fresh in my mind-Udaan,Friday Chitrahaar, Chandrakanta(it's character Kroor Singh whom we used to imitate sometimes!! )

I feel nostalgic when I think about those innocent childhood days and now comparing with the kids these days- their level of maturity puts me in a heartbreak kind of situation. As in the way a 6 yr old thinks these days is something similar to what we used to think when we were 12.

Though they have a variety of shows to choose from, & also they are better informed about things but today being a child is not about being innocent, rather it's about being hip n cool with an urgent need for a girl/boyfriend. Kids just want to garb the adult role asap. That's what the mentality of a 10 yr old public school kid these days is!

And adding more salt to the already rotten bruises is these shows. Some points here:

1) in the first place Indian producers are copying the western shows.
2) Powerful country= Independent kids = Free culture= Open discussions etc.
3) India is trying to be like that but the biggest drawback being the culture shock and adjustment issues.
I guess this is a whole new debatable topic

very well thought and darn well executed. this is for you clap clap clap. And maybe nigaar khaan shd take a walk (to the nearest bathroom she can find);P interesting read man :D..high five!!

well buddy, I agree with u in this aspect!!..I don't understand ...wht does it entertain us by watching a rakhi'big mouth' sawant's wedding, or MTV foul mouthed Roadies,big 'controversie'boss and Is jungle ke senselessness se mujhe bachao!!

....just taking the queue to western reality shows and earning big buck, we can't jeopardies with our future, our people.

well I am not against any reality shows (I loved DanceIndianDance, India got talent) ...They were real thing to see...they mean real bussiness..help us to show talent!!..we don't want this celebrity 'bakwass' and all....who cares to isten their knowledge of the f*** and s*** words...we don't want that!!
we are the youth and we need to broaden our mind ...your mention of discovery channel...it pleased me!...our so called 'showmaker' should realise that as long as they don't take a little responsiblity....they are giving some wrong message here!! we don't want our younger generation to take the wrong route just becoz it means style and attitude!!..western countries had long realised the truth!!we should change too...

once again a very nice blog to share!!bravo friend!! keep pennin!!

Share you contempt with wholehearted glee :)

sorry lost track of this post some where near the chak de guy........gosh! even reading about them is making me dizzy!

I just hope this is a phase and we will go through it with minimal psychological scarring (obviously not unscathed) as a country!!

very well written...luking frwrd for more..keep on writting...

happy blogging

This comment has been removed by the author.

I don't really feel worried about reality of anything. Every reality is 'depends' on some facts. No one and Nothing is actually REAL if u think hard.
So, just think is that reality is harmful? if no, then enjoy and leave it!

I agree with you. I quit watching television because of these kind of shows.

oh man..ur article is so true..i hv never thought about all these..i still remember chandrakantha ki kahani..vijaygadh and naugadh :)

interesting read and well said

clap clap

hey really cool da.. i absolutely agree with you on this... when i speak to my friends about prison break, csi etc they look totally lost!! but i say rakhi sawant and they go like oh yeah that guy is so cute na!! and yak yak yak yak.. its upto us to stop watching crap and when their beloved trps start falling the show will automatically be taken off air.... you are getting better and better keep it up!!

Tht was a long post but I realised only after I finished reading it.
Very well written.
Keep coming up with more witty posts

"So far people have only seen the good Rakhi Sawant. Now they'll see the real me"....LOL...the biggest crappiest joke of the millenium..as if seeing the superficially sugar coated foul mouthed **beep** **beeping** n making an ass out of the people watchin/participatin n herself as well, was not enough that we are thrust upon another show with our very own melodramatic damsel in distress singing lullabies...spare me the horror!...:x well u definitely rite about the shows corrupting the minds of the juvenile members-or the so called gen-X...the culture that shows like splitsvilla, roadies promote is definitely not 'in' or trendy...using expletives has become a style factor, flashin ur middle finger means u got attitude, changing ur partner in a regular spree shows u r kool...n so on...In splits villa people talk of winning "love"..what the @##$^%^&...shows like roadies/iss jungle se mujhe bachao...are meant for the adventurous lot....what the #$#$%%&^&...n sach ka samna...no comments!..dunno abt others,coz i personally got no interest in knowin the sexual secrets of any tom dick n harry...
gimme disney/cartoon network/pogo anyday...woah!...
btw..nice post!..amazin speculations..way to go!!..

that was something to be studied...
man u researched well..
truly speaking I am unable to follow Television from a long a time...I knew roadies and spitsvilla and the latest Rakhi Sawant show..but never bothered to see think about their implications..
u r cent percent right dude...
I mean if all the does no good..that's still acceptable..
but they spoil the innocence of young minds that way..
they should be punished..

well said... but i guess it would insulting for Newton, Einstein and Hawking... to use their names for kind of people u have mentioned in the post... nyways nicely written...

Until tv channels have avid viewers they will continue to make such programmes.

nice article....

gud that i stopped watching this king of shows... :-D

hey Kartik..interestin!!I usually get bored with such long pieces..n leave dem midway...bt ur writing leaves d reader yearning 4 more...Keep expressing...:)
n u got a nu follower:)

this blogpost deserves to be cover story of any Magz or news paper,
very well written,and inclues lots of keen observations.

What the f**k is this post about dude? the only thing that this proves is that you follow every single one of these shows very closely, more than anyone else, i guess...u are trying to say that the world's most watched TV series - the Big Boss/ Big Brother series is crap.. wake up Kid! U followed these shows religiously urself for a long time, and now suddenly u decide to write crap about them just to draw more traffic to ur blog, U R TRYING TO CREATE THE SAME KIND OF CONTROVERSY WITH THIS POST THAT THESE SHOWS CREATE, BECAUSE U THINK THIS WILL GET U NOTICED, basically u r just trying to feed of their success.
U call Roadies a crap show, i am wondering DO YOU HAVE IT IN YOU TO DO ANY OF THE STUNTS ON ROADIES? sure u are right about the Rakhi sawant show, she is full of s**t...but u can't judge all other shows in the same light. And kid u gotta realize that things change as society changes..the shows in 90's were great bcoz people liked them not bcoz u liked them. The shows today like Roadies and Splitsvilla are great bcoz people like them. Movies and TV flavors change as per the needs of the audience.
Why am I sounding so hurt? U might ask well I am a Blogger for life and don't like posts which defame Blogging and Bloggers. U must understand that blogging is not about writing anything that comes to your mind, bcoz if s**t comes to ur mind that doesn't mean u have to pen it down. Ur profile says u are on a writing spree, well that's good but don't get carried away with the power that this medium provides U. I have been Blogging for about a decade now, that makes me one of the very 1st Bloggers in this country and I love this craft, so dude don't insult it by inking stuff just for the sake of getting noticed, WHEN U WANNA MAKE A POINT ABOUT SOMETHING U DON'T LIKE WRITE ABOUT IT WITH "RESPONSIBLITY". We Bloggers have a social responsiblity bcoz what we write can influence others.
I hope U get my point, I don't think U have the guts to allow this comment to be posted here, bcoz i can't see how only comments that have praised U have been posted. Don't tell me everyone who read this post loved it and gave U a sweet comment. If U do post it I will consider this as a "socially responsible" move bcoz not everyone is brave enough to accept their mistake in full public view, that is the trait that separates the weak from the Brave.
Whatever U do with this comment, please don't do "Artificial Blogging" again. Most of ur other post are nicely written. And finally --- RESPECT THE MEDIUM AND THE MEDIUM WILL RESPECT U.
Happy clean Blogging to U.

@ Anonymous
Get ready to get screwed.
First of all, i really appreciate you dropping by and reading my post. And i also respect your opinion (then again, opinions are like a**h**es; everybody has one)

Now, let me clarify one thing; we don't have cable connection at home. I don't watch TV. I am a total movie and book freak. To write about anything, you need to know about the topic very well, and only then you will be able to do justice to your work of writing. You will see this in most of my posts. You see kiddo; I don't have to watch all the seasons and all the episodes of these rotten shows to know about them.

After hearing a lot of mumbo-jumbos about reality shows, i really wanted to know about them and their craze. So i watched a few bits and pieces on you tube, read a few articles, mainly to know how they work, their rules and regulations and about the participants. On the contrary, I have also watched some of them at my friends’ place, and at places where only MTV runs on TV like Café Coffee Day. It was unfortunate and inevitable.

If I really needed only attention, I’d have written some raunchy substance. Creepo!

Cool; there could be some stunts in roadies. You need guts to do so, but what about foul language and dropping your pants and eating earth worms (or whatever)? You call that bravery? Wow! Clap clap!

“The shows in 90's were great bcoz people liked them not bcoz u liked them.” What the hell of logic is that? I was one of those people, son.

“The shows today like Roadies and Splitsvilla are great bcoz people like them.” Bingo! Someone is damn too ignorant and ‘bitch’ worshiper here. Lol…! Just coz’ some Anonymous people like you like them, they become GREAT? What, are you crazy?

When it comes to movies we always have a choice, but it’s not the same with TV shows. You get filth for free.

And don’t worry about hurting me. I am too numb for people like you. No one can hurt me without my consent. What others think of me is none of my business, but what I think of myself is extremely important and I exactly know who I am. And mind you, I’ve not defamed blogging and bloggers. Blogging IS writing about anything that comes to our mind. (And just in case you are an alien and not a human, s**t doesn’t come to mind)

And uncle, you could be blogging since your birth. I don’t give a damn about it. Who do you think you are to lecture me about what to write and what not to write? Are we living in Russia or something? Haven’t you heard anything about freedom of speech?

Now, the question about responsibility: you see, grandpa. I have a baby brother who is 10 yrs younger to me. I can’t let him become some foul mouthed, filth headed ‘oh-so’ moronic guy. It’s not just the case of my brother; it’s about every little darling that is falling prey to these ‘attitude’ idiocies. I won’t tolerate anything that takes away the innocence of kids. THIS is my social responsibility.

Finally I didn’t need guts or bravery to publish your comment. All I needed was my middle finger of my right hand to click the mouse button. And lo! I have it and I have done it. So when is the party, daddy?

I have posted EVERY comment, uncle. I am not a 5 yr old boy to cry when somebody criticizes me and jump up and down when praised. All comments are welcome. Publishing your comment is not accepting mistake, but merely showing to the world that difference of opinion always exists, and some idiots too.

Whatever I’ve written, I’ve written it with all of my heart. I don’t, and I shall never have any regrets about this.

You talk about guts and bravery yet you’ve concealed your identity. What does that make you? Aren’t you a man? Woman perhaps? Or are you something else? Tell you what; you are someone belonging to MTV fraternity, aren’t you? coz’ your objection is only about Roadies and Splitsvilla. You also said that all my other posts are nicely written; I’ve also talked about our PM in one of my posts and you don’t have any objection about it. Why? All you rant about is MTV shows. Perhaps you are one of the participants (could be a female as well; you must’ve been offended for all the palpable reasons) or you could even be Raghu Mukherji. The point is uncle, aunty, or anybody, I DON’T CARE. Blogging is all about expressing oneself without any hesitations and I’ve done it and I shall continue to do so. This is what is called having balls!

With all due respect, thanks for calling my other posts ‘Nice.’

wow!! that guy anonymous sure looks like an avid spitsvilla, roadies fanatic!!! dont understand what kind of thrills these people get by watching these show.


very well answered brother...

what you wrote is right in so many people's Point of View,
but Blogging is about expressing what's your POV,
if someone appreciates other, it shows they shares similar thought,
not one want to praise Other,
Being A NEW blogger I respect even Those Bloggers who maintains Some Adult Blogs :P.
and Who hardly posted a word from past a Decade,
at the End its all About what you like and what other like :)

No offense meant.
no hard Feelings


Hmmm.. I actually read your post as soon as you had posted it. Only didn't comment then.

Actually, I think we simply love to hate the reality shows. The contestants know that very well and they make sure that the public loves to hate them.
Hell, I miss Byomkesh,Malgudi, Discovery of India and Mahabharat. And remember that fantastic programme?-'Surabhi'.We definitely need something like that. There are so many things about our own country and culture that we aren't aware of. The discovery channel shows can only show a foreigner's perspective of our country. If Siddharth Kak or Renuka Shahane are reading this post and comment (very likely, this!) PLEASE BRING SURABHI BACK!

@ Pappu
You are right. We simply love to hate them, and hate them for a damn good reason (and they are en cashing it). I don't have any problems with reality shows like dance india dance, dus ka dum, sa re ga ma pa, indian idol, etc., even though there is too much drame baji, they are at least entertaining. There are some amazingly talented people and they should be encouraged. But what about the shows i've mentioned?
I too miss surabhi. Thanks for reminding me about it.
And yes i've enabled comment moderation.

Attention readers:
After reading my reply to Anonymous, some of you might think that i'm very harsh to criticisms and wont take them in a positive way. Well, the fact is i am always open to criticisms. In fact i shall be very happy if you point out my mistakes. It's only through these things we grow. And even if you don't agree with me, feel very free to express it.
But whatever anonymous has said is not acceptable. Nobody has a right to say that we shouldn't express our personal opinions in such an outright way.
So let the criticisms flow. Both positive and negative. I shall be glad if they are positive, and i shall be more glad if i am corrected.

ah well i personally have stopped watching tv altogether... essentially coz of lack of time but the deterioration has altogether helped me to move out of that addiction... well yeah doordarshan shows r sure nostalgic.. miss those days!!

@ Shruti
You are absolutely right. Today being child is not about being innocent, rather it's about being hip n cool.
Thank you very much for analyzing it so effectively.

@ Stupid fool
Thanks a lot, dear. And what about Nigaar Khan and her bathroom? Dint get it.. lol...:-) And yes high five!! Yo!

@ MK
Thanks, dude! I too liked dance india dance and india got talent. Thanks a lot again for appreciating my write up.

@ Mural!
I quite disagree with you, dude. We can't hope that these things will stop one day. They just coming up with more and more. The only thing to do is to stop encouraging such shows. By the bye, thanks a million for sharing my contempt.

@ Yogi
Thank you very much. It was encouraging.

@ Bejugam Vinith
Thanks, man!

@ Dr. Internet
Of course it isn't real, man. The only thing that is real is that the people who come in such shows are pretty uncultivated. And it's not harmful for us, but it definitely is for younger minds. Anyways, thanks for dropping by.

@ Nethra
You did good. And thanks for reading. I appreciate that.

@ Saif
Dude, you made me nostalgic once again by reminding me about vijaygadh and naugadh. Thanks a lot, man.

@ Sorcerer
Thank you, dude!

@ Tanmaya
Touche! And thanks for your encouragement. I only hope i get better.

@ Dark angel
Ha ha ha.. lol.. :-) Nice observation. Rakhi sawant is in her make up now and she is so scary looking; i wonder what will happen when she removes it. Well, thank you with all of my heart.

Thanks once again dude. Even i don't follow TV, but this has to be said loud and clear.

Thanks for bringing it up. I shall take care of such things from next time.

@ angel from heaven
you are right.

@ Dan
Thanks man. Yeah it's good for you and it will be good for everyone if they stop watching them too.

@ Jaunty anima
That was one of the best compliments i've ever received. You made my day. Thanks a million.

@ AnSh
Dude, i am blushing already. You've put me on top. Thank you so very much man.

@ Tanmaya and AnSh
Thanks for supporting me.

@Shruti Mukundan
Thanks for dropping by and reading. I really appreciate it.

@ Vinay Nihalani
That was a great compliment, dude. Thank you so much.

Oh the excellent Doordarshan epics!!
it was an era,,Byomkesh Bakshi, Tehekikaat, Sansar and Surabhi days..wow the mind just flows back to them!!

And then the latest telecasts..less said the better...glad and happy to have lived atleast a part of the wonderful Doordarshan days!! Nostalgic indeed...and so is ur post!

interesting read ... although i dont really miss the doordarshan days (may be cos i got acquainted with it almost at the end of its glory days) ..i kind of like having a lot of choices .. yes there is a lot of crap on these dayz but there is still more choice at our disposal .. nice post though

Interesting blog! I love the way you write....the words seem to flow from your heart!
Keep blogging!


@ Viyoma
Yeah that's true. They are definitely nostalgic.
Thank you so much for dropping by.
And pls enable access to your profile so that i can visit your blog.

@ Naveen
You are right, man. That's one of the things i've tried to tell. We have a choice
You too pls enable access to your profile so that i can pay a visit to your blog.

@ Archana
Thank you so much. You certainly made my day. :-)

@ Aditya Sengupta
Take a break, creepo. You once again proved yourself to be a worthless pathetic scumbag!

This comment has been removed by the author.

@ Gaurav Tarkar
Thanks for dropping by, man.

Times have changed and the purpose too has changed .I really felt sad when I read in paper today that two children died because they were trying to mimic a reality show. Media should realize its responsiblity and its effect on immature mind....

@ Sunil
Thanks for reading, sir. And many thanks for sharing my concern.

What a post!Awesome is the word! I do remember the good old days n all the shows u've mentioned and the kind of excitement that they brought! Recently DD celebrated 50yrs of existence!Cheers to the the channel that's a foundation to I&B in India!All the lovely shows will be cherished! By the way the title of the post couldn't get better! Rapists is the right word!For the 1st time,a lengthy post has managed to keep me occupied throughout!

As for the way you've replied to Anonymous,BRAVO!!You see,one sh'd never let oneself to be treated as a scumbag! Everyone has their own perception and it ought to be respected!And hey,celebrate the fact that you've been criticized!Cause if your write up was an average one,one that could be read and forgotten,anonymous would not have taken pain to write a 'kahani'! The fact that you've hit the person where it hurts,has not gone down too well with the person!Criticisms like these make you more hell bent to express yourself more than ever before and in a bolder sense!You'll develop the audacity to get bolder each time by slapping such people in face through words!!That's how one becomes a HARD NUT TO CRACK! So next time someone gives you this kinda feedback,WEAR a smile and get ready to TEAR them into pieces! Way to go!!Good luck!

@ Raksha
Welcome to Eloquence Redefined :-)
Am glad you agree with me. For the first time a lengthy post has managed to keep you occupied throughout? My feet are already in the air.. :-) Thank you so much for dropping by.
As far as the anonymous is concerned, all i can say is 'Ignorance is Bliss!'
But then again should somebody rant about such things and order me to write/not write about any particular issue, he shall be screwed in the same way for sure.
Thanks very much for supporting me on this. Keep visiting! :-)

wow...byomkesh bakshi... malgudi days....its all bringing back old memories...nice blog!!

@ Priya
Thank you so much.

awesome coverage man..

Good Post.

Dordarshan days were probably the best in terms of content and cater to every kind of age group.

I have been watching roadies for a long time (from season 1) and it has really deteriorated after season 5 and yes I was on at my wits end when shambavi and the other gurl landed up with a show making me wonder what kind of role models are being promoted by MTV. The same goes for Bani (season 4) too who apparently is a VJ on MTV

As far as reality shows are concerned, its been used as a stop gap to gain TRP instead of providing good content.

We are actually seeing the lows of television and let see how low it can get...

@ Himanshu Karki
Thanks, dude.

@ The Survivor
Welcome to Eloquence Redefined.
Well, to talk about Roadies, I'd not have bothered to comment on it if it were only an adventurous show like Ripley's Believe it or not or something else. I'd have gladly watched it myself. But the ill treatments, the profanity, are really not meant to be encouraged. Dropping down pants in front of women on TV and getting hit in the groin area is neither entertainment nor adventurous. It's sick.
And thanks for your comments, dude. Keep visiting.

Okay lemme say this first.I want to shake your hands personally and thank you for writing such a post in the first place.
I remember a time when all my buddies were talking nineteen to the dozen about some Mtv show called 'Roadies' and I made the mistake of asking them 'What's that?'.BAM I get all these weird looks as if I'm an extraterrestrial being from Mars or something. -_-
I've never watched a single minute of Roadies or Splitsvilla or Big Boss and similar such bullcrap that can be found in almost every lousy channel.
And thank god I haven't even though my friends have repeatedly asked me to give these shows a try.For God's sake I'm not a retard.
I think the producers of such shows should be criminally prosecuted for corrupting young minds and inflicting psychological torture on unsuspecting television viewers.
Then again as the anonymous blogger said..this is what most people wanna watch so this is what they get.
In that case my message to people-GET A LIFE!

Thank you so much for sharing my concern. :)
I too got the same weird looks when I showed my ignorance..
And you are right. They surely need to get a life.

Reality TV is shit...American or otherwise. Thing is...there's nothing real about it and that's what shits me! It's so orchestrated to be as shocking as possible that it's horrible. Anyway, will read through other posts in due time...thanks for visiting my blog :)

Way to go karthik....This was a real eye opener for me...Even I never watched any episodes of all these crappy reality TV shows mentioned by you and believe me had really been verbally thrashed a lot of times from my friends for not watching these stuff...Good to know I was always right in not watching any of these!!! you made one more fan of yours now...desperately waiting for a Novel from you!!

Sorry for replying late.

Thank you so much, Sanjay. I'm damn glad you felt the same way as I. Dunno why people encourage such shows.

Fan is such a big word, dude. Let's just say we made friends with each other. :)
And novel! Hmmmm.. That's my dream. Hope I'll write one day.
Thanks again. It means a lot.

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