Escape to Ecuador: Fact or Fallacy?

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Year 1981

Magda Stapleford, a widow of Col. Kevin Stapleford, had never been so surprised before. Or was it shock? Perhaps it was the latter. She was holding in her hand one of the 60 slides of art pieces that Lt. Colonel Wendell Stevens (Ret.) had brought from Cuenca, Ecuador. Colonel Stevens had just returned from an extensive investigative trip to Ecuador. He was the one who, before going, had sold the Staplefords his house through a friend. Now that Col. Kevin Stapleford had died, he had decided to pay a visit to the widow. Staplefords had a huge art collection at their little house. Upon seeing this, Colonel Wendell couldn’t stop himself from boasting about his knowledge of art and showed Mrs. Stapleford the slides he had recently taken.

Magda Stapleford had already looked worried when he mentioned ‘Ecuador,’ but her worry turned into trepidation when she looked at a particular slide. It was a picture painted by Raphael when he was only fifteen years old in the early classical style, in 1498 or 1499.

“Where did you find all these?” asked Magda Stapleford.

“Oh, it is a beauty, isn’t it? Well, not only these 60, rather there were masterpieces from all over the world; almost a billion dollars in priceless artwork, all stored in a little Catholic Church in Cuenca, Ecuador. The person in charge of this artwork was Father Krespi. He was kind enough to show me the storeroom in which all these masterpieces were held,” Colonel Stevens explained with great exuberance.

“Was there a frame or anything around it?” she was asking about the picture in the slide she was holding, “Or were there anything that looked like numbers or symbols of some kind along the edges?” she was eager to know.

“There was no frame, but yes; there were some markings. But again I am not sure whether they were numbers or symbols, for I don’t know German.”

Magda went inside a room and came back with a notepad and a pencil. She sketched something on the pad and showed it to him. “Is this what you saw?”

Colonel Stevens was taken aback. “Yes. This is exactly what I saw.”

“Oh, my God! That piece had been in my family for generations. Those bastards looted it from our ancestral castle in Bavaria.”

“Who looted it?” Colonel Stevens was flummoxed.

“The Nazis,” she replied and grew silent for a few seconds. She needed some time to compose herself. Then she asked calmly, “Tell me about this Father Krespi.”

“Yes. Father Krespi. He was a great old man; probably in his early 80s. Very kind.”

“Well, could you describe him please? I mean his height, eye colour, his walking style, etc.”

Colonel Stevens was a trifle disconcerted, but decided to answer her query anyway.

“He was a little over 5 feet tall. About 5’2” or 5’3”. He had a wrinkled forehead, his eyes, with deep bags that drooped down and, his most striking feature; his sparkling blue eyes. And while walking he kept his hand back, and sort of swaggered, kind of kicking out his knees.”

Magda Stapleford was lost in her own imaginations. Then she hid her face in her hands and let out a sharp cry, “Mein Gott!” My God!

Colonel Stevens looked like a fish out of water. Swimming through her memories, Magda began to tell her story.

Year 1943

Magda Zeitfeld, a German Intelligence Officer, was the daughter of a leading Plastic Surgeon in Germany. He was a pioneer in the field of implanted facial prosthetics. He had the largest plastic surgery clinic in Germany, which received much of its financing from the Nazi Government. He ran the clinic along with his son and occasionally, Magda lent her hand.

As the war broke out, Magda was commissioned to work in the German Army, and was assigned to German Intelligence; working with the SS.

In the fall of 1943, three high level Nazi officials were brought into her father’s clinic under conditions of extreme secrecy and security. No paper works, no names. These men chose to have their faces altered to have exaggerated Semitic features. Two of these men were Adolf Hitler and Martin Borman. Magda herself was well acquainted with Hitler and had commissioned a program to alter the appearances of four men to look exactly like Hitler. The surgery was conducted in her father’s clinic itself. Same height and build. They were to master Hitler’s voice and distinctive walk. Faces and dental work were altered. Even their spines were broken in the same place where Hitler had been injured in World War I. The fact that Hitler had dummies is a well known theory and that had saved his life a few times. But this time it was totally different. Hitler himself underwent plastic surgery which altered his body completely, especially his face.

Martin Borman was the Nazi leader and a private secretary to Hitler. He masterminded the decentralization of German industry and was also planning a Fourth Reich, since Nazi Germany was slowly collapsing which he was not oblivious to. Hence the planning of surgery and eventually, escape.

Two weeks later, all the scars on their faces from the surgery were gone. And when the surgeon was not needed anymore, the Nazis raided the clinic and brutally killed the entire staff including Magda’s father and brother. The clinic was burned down along with all the records. But Magda was spared for some reasons. Maybe because she belonged to SS, and didn’t pose a threat. Magda decided to have her vengeance and surrendered herself to the United States Government and told them everything she knew about SS, and the famous surgery followed by mass murdering.

She continued to work for SS, and reported back to Col. Kevin Stapleford who was the head of OSS (Office of Strategic Services). OSS is now known as CIA. She worked as a double agent for some time and leaked potential evidence to the Allies. But when the war ended, she didn’t have any family to go back to. Germany collapsed, and so did the Third Reich. She was still a potential person for the Allies, for she was very intelligent; she continued to work with the US. And eventually she started spending more time with Col. Kevin Stapleford; fell in love and married him and moved to American Southwest.

Year 1981

Magda had been in Hitler’s office many times and had once noticed a particular art piece that was hung behind Hitler’s desk. It was the same Raphael’s painting that was looted by the Nazis and it was the same Raphael’s painting which she was now seeing in the slide.

“So you mean all your ancestral property is in Cuenca now? Ecuador?” Colonel Stevens asked, ruminating on the story he had just heard.

“My ancestral property is a trivial issue compared to what I just told you,” Magda Stapleford said, frivolously.

Colonel Stevens still looked befuddled.

“You still don’t get it, do you?” Magda said.

When he didn’t answer, she told him one of the greatest cover-ups of the modern world.

“Krespi was actually an alias that was given to Adolf Hitler in 1943.”

Lt. Colonel Wendell Stevens was dumbfounded; his heart palpitated.

She didn’t give him any time to react, and continued, “After the successful surgery, in the year 1943, Martin Borman totally disappeared from the scene. He was given sanctuary by the Vatican, which we have definite proof and evidence of, and they arranged for him to escape to South America. He first went to Argentina and supposedly set up head quarters and made arrangement for others to follow. He apparently moved from there to Cuenca, Ecuador. And according to our sources, he has successfully established the Fourth Reich.”

Colonel Stevens was still silent. She asked him, breaking his stream of unbridled thoughts. “Tell me, Mr. Stevens. In which year did your Father Krespi arrived at Ecuador?”

He cleared his throat, scratched his chin and said slowly, “Krespi claims he is from an Italian/Austrian family in Northern Italy. He came to the Vatican in the fall of 1943. There, he attended seminary and served as a Novitiate. Later, he was ordained into the priesthood. All this was behind the closed walls of the Vatican. Unheard at the time, and has never been repeated since. He never set foot outside of Vatican City, a city with the status and diplomatic immunity of a sovereign nation. Krespi was given a position as Curator of Art for the Vatican Archives, a position far above his humble rank as Novitiate.”

Magda nodded her head and said, “Hitler did not make a single speech after late 1943, and his public appearances became virtually nil. 1943 is the year Hitler disappeared and it is also the year in which Father Krespi appeared in Cuenca. The speeches made after 1943, especially the one before his death in 1945 is his dummy. Those dummies were perfect; their style, voice, everything. But they lacked one important quality; Hitler’s charisma. Only people that had observed Hitler’s speeches closely could tell if he was really the Furor.”

Colonel Stevens still had his doubts. “But Hitler didn’t speak Italian. Father Krespi spoke fluent Italian.”

Magda slowly smiled to herself and said, “Oh, dear man, did you know that Hitler’s mother was a staunch Roman Catholic from northern Italy? And did you know that his first language was Italian, and it was all he spoke until he was 12 years old?” She paused for a few seconds, which Colonel Stevens felt interminable, and then continued, “In any of the news reels, did you ever see an interpreter between him and Mussolini? Never. He used to speak Italian to his staff in the Chancellor’s office all the time.”

Colonel Stevens was now staring at the ceiling of the room, trying to make sense out of every word he was hearing. Magda slowly stood up and went to the store room and came back with an old black and white picture and a scissor. She placed the picture on the table and cut it in the shape of a kidney, so that only eyes, ears and forehead of the man in the picture were visible.

“Now, use all your talents that you got from your experience in American Air Force and examine the picture very carefully.”

Colonel Stevens started observing it keenly.

“Isn’t that the forehead of your Father Krespi? The eyes and the ears?” Magda inquired.

He observed the picture for another few seconds, then lifted his head and said, his voice shaking, “Oh, my God! It’s definitely he. It’s Hitler.”

Magda didn’t say anything and left him alone for some time. None of them spoke a word for a few minutes. Then Colonel Stevens leaned forward, arched his brows and asked, inquiringly “But he shot himself and his body was burned in the bunker?” It was more of a statement.

Magda was expecting this question. “Well, Russians were the ones who found the body first. All the evidence was washed out already as I told you earlier. But there was one dental assistant who had cleaned Hitler’s teeth, twice. The Russians asked her to draw the picture of his teeth. After 10 hours of deliberation, and brutal interrogation, when she couldn’t do it, Stalin announced to the world that the sketches matched Hitler’s, for he didn’t want to be humiliated in front of the whole world by letting them know that Hitler had in fact slipped through his fingers.”

Colonel Stevens grew silent again. Shock held him incapacitated for an unfathomable time. Magda’s expression was inscrutable.

The revelation he had was simply too much for him to digest. Father Krespi is Adolf Hitler? The Fuhror? The man responsible for thousands of innocent lives? Did I really meet that monster just a few days ago?

After some time, he quietly took Magda Stapleford’s leave. And she stood at the door, looking over him, not knowing what to feel anymore.



1. Villagers say that Father Krespi was often visited by German people. Father Krespi died in the year 1993. He was about 90 years old. Over 2000 people from all over the world came for his funeral and mobbed the little village. Some of them were Germans that had armed escorts. He was interned in a beautiful ornate polished teakwood coffin, with baroque gold handles. It was no less than a King’s funeral. He was laid to rest in a white marble sepulcher, which is still cleaned weekly, adorned with flowers constantly, all paid for by anonymous admirers.

A few days after his death, all the art pieces in the store room of the Church, worth billions of dollars, were loaded into a Boeing 707 and transported to an unknown location.

2. SS stands for Schutzstaffel (German), which means Protective Squad.

3. After the World War II, the officers of SS that were responsible for the brutal killings of thousands of people (under the dictatorship of Hitler), went into exile, for they were being hunted like dogs all over the country. They changed their identities drastically and became more and more evasive for the present govt. to track down. They then formed an organization called, “ODESSA.” In German, Organization der ehemaligen SS-Angehörigen. In English, Organization of Former SS Members. Though some of them were caught and sentenced to death, many of them were (and are) still at large and they were (and are) still being searched.

Sources: Sean David Morton and Katman

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I am left speechless myself. It was indeed very informative bcz i didnt know that the Hitler, Russians claimed to have murdered, who was abandoned by his own men, who allegedly poisoned himself and also shot himself in the head, was just a story. This might as well answer many other questions. great writeup. good job :)

Yo man yo! :-)
Thanks a lot, dear! :-)

astounding simply astounding!!
i was under the impression that the sicko had committed suicide, the coward!!
but now am sick to the stomach!!
the man who was responsible for the death of so many innocent lives got to live til the ripe old age of 90??
how was the great u.s so unaware abt such huge info??

I still can't beleive...!! You wrote this?
I don't have much idea about Adolf Hitler and Nazis stuff...but what I heard and beleived until I read this post of yours is that Hitler killed himself.
Your exquisite writing truly won my heart!
Kudos to you and your blog!!
Keep writing!

your new fan,

aaaarghhhhh the russians,
clarity isnt their thing,
evident from the dissolution of ussr,

neways, great post,
i m following this blog

@ Tanmaya
First of all it is just a theory. We can't say for sure that it is 100% accurate, for it isn't proved on the world platform. But yes; all the evidence says it's true. The characters Magda Stapleford and Colonel Stevens are real though. Only few people could connect the dots.
And about US: This theory came to light only after a few years of Father Krespi's death. I think even if the US had some hard evidence, they wouldn't have made it public for obvious reasons.

@ Archana
Well, all i did was read a few articles about this and then add my own flavour by writing it in the format of a story.
And Archana, I'm already blushing. :~) Thank you so very much.

@ Number
Thank you so much, man. I really appreciate it.

Hey... to b frank with u... i thot twice to read this post or not.. like i felt its kinda big for a blog.. but then i read it...
gr8 man... Adlof hitler has always been an interestin topic for me...
from whr did u get these many ifo???

oh mann... i'm followin u... i wouldnt mind spyin u... khe khe khe... gr8 man...
u keep writin...i ll keep readin..

haf fun

i have always been a big fan of conspiracy theories ..as they are amazing to read..they sound more believable then the "believed" well known theories n they always keep the "what if" question alive.
This one was really good.

@ Anoop
Thank you so much, dude. I'm glad you liked it.
And regarding the info, it's the internet world we are living in and gathering info is not a big deal, is it? :~)

@ Naveen kumar
Touche! Even I've been a fan of conspiracy theories. They are always open ended and that's what make them interesting.
Thanks for reading. I really appreciate it.

Nice one....really interesting

Thanks Rahul. Glad you liked it.

wow...didnt knew this earlier.
Interesting write up

awesumm man really..jus reduce the font size i vil suggest..still awesum is even less to describe the blog.loved it

@ Vinay Nihalani
Thanks a lot, man. Keep visiting!

@ Vineet
Thank you so much, man. You made my day. And yes; I'll consider your opinion on font size. Visit again.

wow! nice dig
simply brilliant.
a different writeup

your blog is on my radar!!

Supposing if this theory was right what would have father Krespi thought when someone came for a confession to him "forgive me father ,for i have sinned" :P

I earlier read your short story(what a twist in the end!)...and now I read this! Both belong to different genres and you've done a commendable job in each of it Karthik! I see an author in the making and a good one at that! All the very best!

hey that was a very intense historical excerpt weaved into an exquisite story....
I never knew anything about hitler more than that he was a fascist..

you write well dude......

btw check out my post

something is waiting for u there,..

@ Naveen
Lol... that was funny... Well, maybe he would've said something like, "same here, son." :P

@ Raksha
Oh, thank you so much. That was a great compliment. You haven't the vaguest idea how I am feeling right now.. Thanks again.. :-)

@ Rahul Sharma
Thanks a million, dude. You made my day.
And yes i shall check it out...

cool man..really cool..

Adolf Hitler, he was truly an interstin character.. n ur writin skills r evn more interstin ... keep writin...

It was a true story!
Initially, I supposed it was fiction. I like your illustration style.
Keep writing. :)

Bloody good read!

its a good write up..and very informative!!

@ Nethra
Thank you so much.

@ Murali
Glad you enjoyed it.

@ Priya
Thank you.

very informative....its so sad that this murderer escaped his fate and cleverly disguised himslf as a priest!!..if only the russians have searched for him!..
keep penning such posts!

OMG!!Damn interesting...Hadn't known this before..well it gave me the perfect ignition to get back to reading Mein Kampf...
Well don't have to say that again bt Hats off!!!:)

@ mk
Stalin knew about it, dude. Only he didn't tell anyone. By the way, this is just a theory. No hard evidence to prove it. But all the while it's interesting, isn't it?

@ Anima
Yo! Glad you liked it. Thank you so much. :)

I am really wondering when you will release a book in the genre of Sidney Sheldon or Dan Brown :P

it might be too much to say,
but u hav got the talent man!!

kudos! :)

Ohoooohoooo!!! :D
This is a tremendous compliment I'm showered with. Thank you so much! :-)

I'm still in the practicing mode of writing. Hope I'll write a novel someday and get it published too. :P
Thanks again man. It really feels great! :-)

In my opinion, it is the big error.

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