Broken Hearts - A Short Story

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The following story is dedicated to all those boys who….. Well, never mind. Shut up and read.


Raghu was in a deep slumber. The theory that students feel very sleepy during the exams has stood the test of time. Raghu was just proving it once again. Well, there is one more theory that Raghu and almost all his friends had firmly believed in. Sleep in the afternoon so that you can stay wide awake at night. After studying for some time at night, you cook maggi and eat it and drown it with gallons of tea or coffee and then go to sleep as soon as possible so that you can wake up early in the morning with a fresh mind. You have got to study with a fresh mind, right?

Nishchal had done the same thing for the past 10 days, but now that his exams were over, his mind was as fresh as early morning dew. He wasn’t feeling sleepy at all.

“Raghu, Raghu, Raghu, Raghu, Raghu……,” he loudly chanted at the top of his voice.

Raghu put his head out from under the covers and blinked his eyes. He wore a kind of expression, which looked like he was accused of committing rape when he had only shaken the girl’s hands. He saw Nishchal standing in front of the mirror.

“What the hell happened?”

“Don’t you have exam tomorrow? It’s already 4:45 in the afternoon. Don’t you have to study?” Nishchal said, playfully.

“You know, you are one big sadistic monster. Just because your exams are over, you are disturbing my sleep, you filthy skunk?” Raghu was fulminating.

“I am just concerned about you, dude.” But the sound of his voice had no concern, but gaiety.

Raghu lifted a box from the table, which was beside his cot and threw at him angrily. Nishchal caught it and started laughing. Raghu muttered something and went inside the covers again.

Nishchal was having tremendous fun, irritating him. Why wouldn’t he? After all, Raghu had done the same thing to him the previous semester, when Nishchal was exactly in his position.

“I overheard your conversation with Shiva in the morning. You still have 8 chapters to cover, don’t you?”

Raghu put his right hand out from under the covers and slowly lifted his ring finger. Nishchal shook his head, still laughing. Oh, by the way, Raghu always wore his ring on his middle finger.


After waggling inside the covers for another two minutes, Raghu got up finally. His face looked tensed. Exaaaaaam!

“Where the hell is Shiva?” asked Raghu, suddenly remembering.

Shiva and Raghu had planned to study together.

“He’s gone out with Aindrita,” Nishchal said, flatly.

Raghu’s expression changed. Nishchal could not make out whether the morose expression was due to jealousy or the exam tension. After debating with himself for a minute, he decided on the former.

Aindrita was the kind of girl who had sung duet with every boy in college – in his dreams and fantasies. So every boy in college had a right to be jealous of Shiva, for he had tapped the most beautiful girl in college, or probably in the whole city. To speak in their dialect, she was the beautifullest girl in the whole world! Nishchal shook his shoulders, which broke the flow of his wild thoughts.

Then the door was thrown open with a loud noise and in came Shiva, fuming.

Nishchal and Raghu looked at him confusingly as he went and sat on his cot, which was beside a window and buried his head in his hands. A moment later, Abdul, who had seen Shiva running up the stairs with a worried look on his face, brought with him the remaining two members of the team.

They were a team of 6, and everybody was very close to each other. They had fun together; supported each other in everything, but there was one small hitch. Shiva had stolen the girl of their dreams. But none of them made a pretense that everything was all right. Their disappointment and displeasure was too conspicuous every time the topic of Aindrita was brought up. After all, you don’t hide anything with your best friends.

Now everyone was around him, genuinely worried. No one spoke a word for a very long time. Raghu, who was seated next to him, said “What happened, Shiv?”

He still didn’t say anything. The silence that followed Raghu’s question was interminable. Shiva, according to all his friends, was a super-happy-man. When a guy has a girlfriend like Aindrita, there is no reason to be sad, even for a single moment of a moment. This was the reason for their perplexity.

“What happened, dude?” said Mogli of Mechanical dept. But the tone of his voice said, ‘Bloody loser! Speak up.’

Shiva slowly rubbed his face with his hands and said, “I just broke up with Aindrita.”


It was the last thing anyone had expected. It was simply unbelievable. Nobody uttered a word and a heavy drop of silence hung in the air. Those few moments of silence seemed like eternity. Hearing that, the Filthy Five got a trifle disconcerted, but their expressions were inscrutable. They wanted to make sure before reacting to it.

“You mean she broke up with you?” Bagheera of Biotechnology dept. asked.

Shiva suddenly looked up to encounter the culprit who had embarrassed him. But all he could see was 5 deadpan faces staring intently at him. He finally gave in and said, “Yeah, whatever,” and put his head down again in melancholy.

That very moment, the atmosphere in room no. 221 changed drastically. Their grief over losing the girl of their dreams was a thing of the past now, and the exam tension, a thing of the future. The only thing that mattered to them now was that Aindrita was single again, and their broken hearts were fixed.

Mechanical Mogli was already standing in front of the mirror, combing his hair as if he was getting ready to go on a date with Aindrita.

Biotech Bagheera took off his t-shirt in an overwhelming joy and brandished it in the air, like Sourav Ganguly had done when India won the finals against England at Lords, NatWest Series 2002.

IT Abdul knelt down facing the west side and started offering his prayers. It was 5 o’ clock in the evening, anyway. For a moment everyone was stunned to see this, because no one had ever seen him offer prayers with such devotion in the past 3 years. Well, you never know when one becomes a firm believer in God.

Nishchal was dialing a number on his cell phone. Raghu noticed it and raised his eyebrows.

“I’m calling Harry. With his influence, I am gonna get a concession in gym fees.” He then stood in front of the mirror and said to himself, ‘I need to get tough.’

Raghu shook his head and kept quiet, but the other members of the gang didn’t.

Now, Mogli and Bagheera were hugging each other. When they were done hugging, Mogli said, “Look dude. I am going to try first. If something goes awry, I shall give her up to you and help you. But I don’t think that’s gonna happen, because she smiled when I cracked a joke in Shiva’s birthday party last month. I think she has feelings for me.” He combed his hair once again.

“Sure man. No problem,” said Bagheera. She has feelings for me. Blah blah blah. Such a moron! I was the one who dropped her to her hostel when she was getting drenched in the rain 2 months ago. She was impressed with my helping nature. If Bagheera hadn’t been Shiva’s friend, Aindrita would never have taken his help. By the way, legend says that Bagheera didn’t sleep for 2 days after that incident.

“But if she comes to me, promise me you wouldn’t get jealous of me,” Bagheera said.

Mogli considered this for a few seconds and said, “Of course, dude. I swear on Pamela Anderson’s silicones I wouldn’t get jealous of you. I shall be happy for you, bro.”

“Now I believe you,” mumbled Bagheera.

Even though Raghu was already planning to make a move towards Aindrita, he didn’t dare make it conspicuous. Instead he put his hand on Shiva’s shoulders and asked, showing concern, “So what are you going to do now? Try for Shalini?”

He didn’t mean it as sarcasm, but in a heightened state of joie de vivre he hadn’t known what to say to him.

It infuriated Shiva very much and lifted his head for the first time in 5 minutes, and when he saw his gang of sadistic friends happily prattling all over the room, his anger mounted and shouted at Raghu, “Screw off, man.”

Everyone stopped their merry making and looked at Shiva and Raghu.

“Screw off? What’s that supposed to mean?” Bagheera asked, getting flummoxed.

“Don’t you know? It’s a replacement for ‘beep off,’” Mogli answered his query.

“Yeah, yeah. Good thinking, good thinking,” some of them said in chorus.

No sooner had Shiva hid his face again in his hands than his cell phone started ringing. None of them gave heed to it and continued their jollification. Shiva took his cell phone out of his pocket and exclaimed, “It is Aindrita!”

Silence reigned supreme in the room once again.


He picked up the phone and walked towards the window. Bagheera and Mogli followed him silently. They tried to hear both sides of the conversation, but to no avail. Raghu went and pulled them back. They cringed and came back, disappointed. Shiva talked for full five minutes and turned back. He was grinning from ear to ear. Everyone was staring at him in mute amazement.

Not wanting to test their patience further, Shiva decided to say, “She is back again, guys.”

“Back where?” It was Abdul.

“Back in my life.”

Everyone grunted and groaned and swore. Shiva deciphered their swearing, for reading lips is not rocket science, you see.

He continued anyway, “She apologized for behaving rudely with me and explained that it was due to exam tension. She promised that it would never happen again between us.”

Raghu slumped back on the cot and mumbled, “I’m happy for you.” No one heard him except Shiva, who smiled in acknowledgement.

Mogli, who was trying to change his hair style for the past 15 minutes, threw away the comb.

Bagheera silently wore his t-shirt again.

Abdul shouted at the top of his voice, “Goddamn it! Don’t you all have exams tomorrow? Brainless idiots!”

Everyone ignored him.

Mogli even went to the extent of talking Shiva out of the relationship.

“Dude, listen to me. A girl who changes her mind like a chameleon changes its colour, what guarantee do you have that she will stick with you always? Believe me. Don’t make a fool out of yourself.”

Shiva just laughed. “Remember what I said,” Mogli said and slowly scuttled away.

“I’m going to Green Park to get drunk. Anyone coming?” Nishchal said. A kind of Devdas’s charm had come onto his face.

Nobody said anything. “Shit! Life sucks! And so do girls!” Nishchal fumed.

After that everyone just kept silent. There was a pin drop silence for an unfathomable amount of time. Bagheera, who hadn’t said anything until now, cleared his throat and slowly spoke up.

“Guys, does anyone know Shalini’s phone number?”

None of them knew how to react to this. So they didn’t.


One hour later when only Shiva and Raghu were there in the room, studying for their exams, Shiva’s cell phone beeped. There was a message from Nishchal. He read it and smiled. And eventually three more messages poured in. All said the same thing: ALL THE BEST. Raghu and Shiva looked at them and smiled heartily, for they knew in their heart of hearts that the wishing was not for the exam.

Boys are boys, eh?

********************The End********************

Copyright © Karthik 2009

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hahaha....this is the only thing i like abt guys..some of u can fight for the same girl and still be frnz. was a fun read..lovely :)

This is the ONLY THING you like about guys?? Hmmmm...
Well, I'm happy you liked it :-)
(the story I mean) :D

Nice!.....alls well that ends well :P

Thanks a bunch, dude ;-)

really well written .... perfect description of student life specially guys ....
"Aindrita" nice name !!

I sense an element of nostalgia subtly embedded in this story ;) Is that a fact or fallacy? :P

very intresting story...very well written..gud going...

happy blogging!!!

haha.. Tht was a very nice story Karthik :) :) :) Brought college memories...

@ Raksha
Ha ha ha... lol.. Well, you are partly right.. ;-)
But it's neither fact nor fallacy, but fiction :D

@ Yogi
Thank you so much. :-)

@ Priyanka
Thanks a bunch. I'm glad you liked it. :-)

" Aindrita was single again, and their broken hearts were fixed"
Such relief, huh! =D

the start reminded me of my exams n laziness.. But the later made me laugh! It was pretty funny! =)

Happy Blogging!

d was awesum deaer..loved it...beginnin i tend to loose the interest then d story gained momentum..nice wrk

Hey ! That was funny :~)

@ Sidrah
Thanks for dropping by and glad you liked it.

@ Naveen
Yo! Thanks a million, dude. ;-)

@ Vineet
Thanks a lot.

@ Archana
Glad you enjoyed it.. :-)

very well written!!
could easily imagine the expressions of the boys and the environment settings...

Nice one bro. :-) aindrita- is she really a fictitious character? I dont feel. :-) story is really well written. Keep up d good work..
Joyson regards-
(www.joysonjohny.blogspot.com -a drop in an ocean)

loved readin it.
expecting more like this

simply awesome.. just like all of your rest..
you write these college -hostel stories pretty well!!! keep up the good work!!!

hey karthik, first time on ur blog...loved the post...awesome narration...the characters seemed so real...well they were real actually...this is how most of the guys are right? which one was u btw? ;)

@ Sundeep
Thanks a lot, dude. You made my day.

@ Joyson
Thank you so much. And yes, Aindrita is a fictitious character.

@ Sorcerer
Thanks a million, comrade. :) Surely I'll try my level best to bring out more of such things.

@ Tanmaya
Ha ha.. thank you. Ironically enough, I've never lived a hostel life.. :(

@ Neha
Welcome to Eloquence Redefined. Glad you visited and more glad you liked the story and my narration.
Well, yes. This is how we are. :D (shameless i mean) :P
And I'm nobody there. Just a story. It's funny you should ask that.. ha ha.. :)
Keep visiting!

That was quite a fun read.
Poor Mogli and Bagheera!ROTFL.
On a more serious note if I'm asked to comment as a critic I'd say you need to improvise on the language a bit.A little refinement and TADA you'll be perfect! :D
Btw I posted a new story.Lemme know how it was. :)
Stay in touch!

@ Samadrita
Glad you liked it. :)
And yes, I agree. I need to improve my language. I shall be happy if you are more specific. :)
Thanks a lot! Keep visiting.

i m damn sure one f them shud b u... khe khe khe... r uu one among them???

nice story... :D :P

haf fun

@ Anoop
No, dude. It's just a story. I wasn't one of them. :D
Nice to know you liked the story. :)

Hey Karthik..nice one...!!! ur last sent..Boys will be boys...completely agree to it..!! :)

The story had gr8 narration n ws interestin.....every nxt moment had somethin new...!!!

@ Urvashi
Thanks a lot. I'm glad you liked it. :)

hey Karthik am finally here on your blog. i was very impressed by the hitler story, well written. Broken hearts also well written. Your style of writting is very direct, the language is very reader friendly. To sum it up your blog was a good read my good fellow.

I forgot to say. Killer "about me" you have on your blog. Clap clap clap :)

@ Harsha
Thanks a lot, dude. That was a great compliment. I'm glad you enjoyed reading my write-ups. :)

But I quite didn't get that Killer thing you said. :|

lol...Now you know why the arrear ratio is so!

This brought back memories of Engg days ! I just read the first para 3times. That was me ! Down to the Maggi and Tea and still sleeping after that in the hopes to wake up fresh !

Great post !

ha ha.. :D
Tea, they say, keeps us awake. I wonder how. It's totally opposite in my case. It puts me to deep sleep.
Good to know you could relate to this.

Good one.. amazing story and gripping narration!! So simple and anyone can relate to it.. Guys will always be guys thats what makes them adorable ehh.

Thanks Annyesha. I really appreciate your going through my older posts.
These things keep happening all the time among boys.
And yeah, we are adorable. :)
Thanks again.

It was kindda hilarious. Is it a true story, huh???

Thanks Nethra. No. This is not a true story. But things similar to these happen all the time. :P

aww you guys heheheheee.. good fun this was :D
my sister diligently used to make lemon tea for me during my exams. and mom would supply so much food I used to fall asleep eating. i miss those days.. sigh

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