Schumi is back?!

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I was a bit disappointed last Saturday when I saw Felipe Massa of Ferrari suffer an accident during the qualifying race of Hungarian Grand Prix. He is in fact one of my favourite drivers and I really felt very sad when I saw him drive through the gravel area at around 120mph along the circuit before slamming into the tire barrier. I was hoping he would make the podium finish on the race day (for the first time in this season) since he was performing very well in the qualifying race.

It was a nasty accident, which was akin to Heikki Kovalainen’s high speed crash at last year’s Spanish GP.

I felt good when they said that he was stabilized. But then again I was heart broken when I saw the news that said he wouldn’t be racing for the remainder of the season. How unfortunate!

So the question immediately popped up: Who will replace Massa?

It was not long before I realized that seven-time world champion Michael Schumacher was asked to take the wheel. I was happy; for I thought it would be a treat to watch him race after 3 long years. But still a small doubt remained in my head. Is it a good decision to come back after the retirement? After 3 years?

No doubt he is the King of Racing, no doubt he is racing since he was four-years old, no doubt racing is in his blood, but is he fit physically to undergo such an enormous pressure?

His retirement came at the right time when Fernando Alonso, his 12-years junior, started giving him a hard time on the race tracks just what Schumi had done to Ayrton Senna in the early nineties. His departure 3 years ago was timely and graceful.

Now, 3 years later, a lot of things have been changed; especially the change in the car design. When it comes to Ferrari, it is running with KERS technology – something the current drivers are still floundering to deal with. And not to mention the fact that Schumacher is unfamiliar with Valencia street circuit – Telefonica Grand Prix of Europe (where the next race takes place, 21st August, 2009).

Schumacher’s racing brain will be as sharp as ever, but will his fitness be? He is 40 years old and off the track for the past three years. Will he be able to cope up with the violence of up to 4g experienced when the car comes down to 190 mph to 70 mph in 2 seconds?

He even took to motorbike racing after the retirement, but only to suffer frequent fall offs. Now that he has returned, doesn’t havoc play with his pride if, and I mean if, he loses?

He has definitely missed that adrenaline rush for 3 years, so he must be pretty happy to have it all back. Whatever happens, it will certainly be great for the motor sport racing, for Formula One, and to fans like us!

We all love you Schumi! But will you reign supreme again? Only time will tell.

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Just saying hi, from a fellow ferari and schumi fan

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