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For years she was devoid
Of freedom and happiness;
For years she was confined
To slavery and humiliations;
Yet she kept her head high
And the feet firm on ground.
The heart so large that she
Welcomed all the cultures
From around the globe,
Yet she never got lost in the crowd.
She stood in the midst
Of thousand nations
And still maintained her virtue!
O Dear Mother, we salute you today!

For years you’ve bathed
In blood and sweat;
But still you’ve taught us
To suppress the lust to kill;
So many gruesome nights,
So many painful memories,
And plethora of insults,
Yet you speak of
Brevity and tranquility!
I often wonder,
Is this your way of
Teaching us the lesson
Of patience? Of resilience?

When the world is destroying itself
With vehemence, with belligerence,
You never once stumbled
And always stood strong,
Teaching the world
The lessons of peace and humanity;
When we were still chagrined
Caused by reminiscence of misdeeds,
You taught us to build
Castles of dreams and hopes
For the future of mankind;
Such is your mammoth strength
Which makes us forget our
Melancholies and fills our hearts
With effusive courage and a chaste will to win!

O Dear Mother, on this festive occasion,
We swear on the pain of death
That we stand by you
In happiness and sorrows,
In richness and impecuniousness,
In successes and failures,
And fight your fight - to Eternity!


Copyright © Karthik 2009

Comments (8)

a very nice poem... though your short stories i prefer more than poems...

@ Tanmaya
Thanks, dear. You know, even I like my stories more than my poems.. ha ha.. :D

really patriotic...but i like your poems equally well :)

I know I know.. :) :)
Dank u! :)

interesting!! sounds like u r very patriotic.. :)

Oh my god! :) So you are a writer who is an amazing poet too!
I liked it so much!

@ Shruti Mukundan
Thank you! Of course I am patriotic.

@ Archana
Thank you so very much. But I am more comfortable with prose. That poem just happened. And i am glad you liked it. :~)

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