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I’ve always loved solitude,
For it is so sweet and pure!

And I’ve always hated it
To the fullest extent,
When I’m with you
Fully content!

My life is so full of
Dullness with strife,
But when I’m with you,
I take a ‘Draught of Life!'

Copyright © Karthik 2009

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everything you write is heartfelt and goes straight to touch the soul of nyone who reads it...keep going :)

an apt article that substantiates the meaning of eloquence redefined..
and this poem has a special place in my heart because of the obvious reasons.....

Well, I am not too much into poetry but this one was simple and wholesome. Just the way I like it. Good one!!

A draught of life
a pint of wine
a vision of the holy grail
a breathe sublime..
a drop of lime..
the sizzling touch
a drop of tear
a crying heart
a drop of rain
at the summer end
a drop of life
to start from again...

keep writng.

@ Shreya
Hey that was awesome! You wrote it write away? :-)
Thanks anyway.

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